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Yo, hello! How are we doing? It's been raining in every possible form here, in Florida, thanks to the tropical storms passing by. But I'm not complaining, because the rain is soothing and therapeutic, as long as it's not flooding your city. 

Well, I received a package from Shein, the godly online store with every style you've ever seen on social media, and after mixing it in with my closet, I ended with 3 looks that I quite like. You're more than welcome to give feedback. I went for a very light style, the light shades, the minimal accessorizing and the chill vibes with general comfyness. 

I'll go on about the items as much as needed, and know that I'm completely honest about them. But as a heads up, there were no troubles or struggles with this online order or with the items received. So let me get to it [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara

No. 1

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Colors: White, Beige

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colors: Light and dark blue

First, the skirt. It's as lovely as it looks, I got a size S, and it could have fit better, with a smaller waist ratio, but as you can see, it's nothing a belt can't solve. And I could even say I prefer the belt look, because it cinches your waist more and gives it a more stylish vibe. You can play around picking belts too, a thick 80s black one, or one of my dental floss ones~

The skirt fully buttons up and it's made of a good, thick denim fabric with a pretty pale blue wash. Slightly squared, rather than an A-cut, but that's the style. If you find your perfect fit size, I'm sure it would look even better. Very easy to tuck shirts in, and the waist is high enough for anyone to wear crop tops more comfortably. 

I'll talk about the button down shirt under the next look, after you guys can see it much better and closer.

No. 2

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Colors: White, Beige

Colors: Black, White, Gray, Striped

So, the button down blouse, it's adorable. The fabric, well I don't know what it's called, but it is soft like the lightest cotton mix, and sheer like a nice chiffon blouse. It comes with this texture, like it's wrinkled, but the good kind of wrinkled. Excuse my lack of words, I mean the style that seems wrinkled on purpose, to give the top a beachy feel to it~

It buttons all the way to your chest, and it's not quite collared. I like the versatility of it, because we could literally do with it whatever we liked. Here's some examples, wear a tight dark plaid skirt with a plain solid top, then tie this blouse around your waist, it will give you a cute A-shape, aka good waist to hip ratio, plus it will make things more comfortable as it can serve as extra coverage, if the skirt is short and tight, or if you're wearing summer hot shorts. 

Another example, go to the beach and wear this is as a cover-up, whether you tie it at your waist or button it and let it flow, your swimsuit will still be visible, for those who like to wear extra cute shapes and patterns and don't want to be walking in almost nothing all day, ahem~ like me.

The pocket is also very nice, overall it feels like the chillest blouse I own, so I like it. 

No. 3

Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Similar dresses: onetwothreefour.

Denim jacket! Finally, finally got my hands on one. How did I not have one before? I love the look of them and I love cozying up with an oversized sweater or jacket at home, at the movie theater, pretty much anywhere. (Raise your hand if you're one of those people that gets cold everywhere, no matter what. Grocery shopping is painful).

I'm more than satisfied with the model I chose. It actually came with a gray hoodie vest to overlay with it, but for this outfit, I didn't need it. The jacket is cute, it's loose, it's a nice light blue color, it's comfy... And it's simple~ Love me some simple pieces, they are easier to pair up. 

Here's my only but, and it's a medium sized but. But, the pockets are fake. Aah, it would have been much, much better if the pockets were useful and legit. To fit your phone, your credit card, or your cold hands inside. I mean, at least the look is still there. I can almost trick people into thinking the pockets are real. 

Now, the white dress. My new baby, really. Because I've worn it out at least 4 times already, and I don't like to repeat so frequently. It's just so comfortable. For real. Soft, flowy, shapeless (because it's a squared cut). The only requirement to wearing this out happily is to add some bike shorts, or some safety shorts. I literally just grabbed my gray bike shorts. It works, even if they show a little, like if we bend over or so~, it's fine. It looks like the kind of chill dress that you would wear sporty yoga shorts with. 

The cutest detail is the bottom half, it seems like it's just going to end and be a boring plain dress, but no~ It ends in a simulated skirt. Soooo cute. That little detail and the front tie made me choose it over all my other wishlist items. And sure enough, it sold out... So I don't have a direct link to it, I'm sorry. These websites expire their pages, after the item has been out of stock for a while. 

I do have some other choices, I looked for similar ones so if you're interested, I'm going to link them right below. They're really cute, if you have time to look [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara

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