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Yo~ I received a little package from one of my all-time go-to online stores, SpreePicky, and I ended up liking both pieces quite a lot, so here's a brief review and description of what I got. 

For starters I should say that I picked two tops. I thought I had enough skirts and shorts already, plus tops are much easier to wear everyday, and I went for solid colors. My favorite pattern is no pattern at all. I didn't really plan it, but I ended up with a black shirt and a white one. Both lovely to be honest.

Anyway, once I had these items with me I thought I would do inverted outfits, a black top with a white bottom, then a white top with a black bottom. And you know what? My hubby threw a comment at me and said that black shirt would look good with a pure black skirt. So I let him pick from my skirts one he liked, and he did. And you know what else? I liked it a whole lot more than what I previously thought of pairing the top with.

Long story short, thanks to nosy good old hubby I went for an all-black outfit vs an all-white one. He picked what to pair with what, even the choker I wore. Hope you like these outfits, they're quite simple but good~

Ace of Spades by qoii

♣Black look♣

Colors: Black, Olive green
Sizes: S, M
Quality: 5/5

Colors: Similar ones in related items bar
Sizes: S, M, XL
Quality: 4/5


White look♤

Colors: Black, White
Size: one size, measurements at link
Quality: 4/5

Colors: Too many, have fun picking~
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Quality: 5/5

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and get $5.00 in store credit


♣Black look♣

I love this top so damn much. I had seen the style around, thanks to Instagram. As you may know, I love tops with bare shoulders and neck, a straight line across the chest is preferred. There's some elasticity to the fabric, and a hidden line right at the top that keeps the shirt from being loose. It can be a little tight on the shoulders, but not bad, not painful. 

The seeming choker comes from the back, like a hidden halter top, it gently wraps around your neck. Yes, it's quite wide, but it doesn't feel like anything more than a turtleneck. It's comfortable, not restricting. It also buttons at the back, no zipper, just a button that's underneath the black cloth and works as the "choker" closure. Honestly, it's just like a turtleneck, which I adore almost just as much as an off-shoulders shirt, but without the unnecessary warmth and extra coverage for and of everything. 

The black is a solid, perfect shade. Completely opaque and even thick enough to go braless. I've been mentioning this before, but I've ended up finding more and more blouses and tees that work just fine without one. It's more comfortable and you still can't even call it "indecent". Can't see anything, right? That's the beauty of good fabric and black colors. Besides~ now you don't have to worry about needing a high quality strapless bra that won't show or fall off every minute. If you want to~ Only if you want to.

The skirt is my good, basic piece that I've kept for a while now. It's a basic design that works just right with most everything. Circle skirts are flattering 99% of the time, specially if they're high-waist as well. Both of those qualities give you just about the cutest, most flattering shape. It twirls around as you move, and flies away with the wind... Yeah, you might want some safety shorts, or boy-shorts. Or you could use it to dress up, say for dinner, and wear tights. 

Then again, you can also just not care and be free~


White look♤

This shirt is very cute, and very light. Pretty much, it's only a plain T-shirt, with soft, light cotton fabric and a cute cut-out right at the neck. It's not a long shirt, but not cropped either. For me, it sits right at my hipbones, allowing me to wear it as is or tuck it in. The little heart window isn't just a cut-out though, it has a sheer panel underneath. I would guess it's sheer white organza. I don't mind it, it makes it more of a window and all the more adorable. It's good quality for sure, but keep in mind the fabric is slightly thin and a, for example, pink bra would most likely show. Whites tend to be like that.

The skirt is a flawless design. It's quite a popular, nearly overused, style, but even if it went out of style, Id' keep wearing it. I like the tennis skirt, it's cute, not quite preppy but almost. And the high-waist, again, that is flattering to your waist-to-hip ratio when it comes with an A-shape. Good quality, thick fabric that doesn't wrinkle much. Opaque too.

The sweetest, pastel choker that I'm wearing here was found in Tokyo Otaku Mode. They get many, and I mean many, affordable, unique accessories directly from Japanese stores. I'll still have a blog post dedicated entirely to this store and recent purchases, as a haul and review, then you'll be able to see the choker in close-up. It's actually a pale pink color. Quite light and pastel, and it comes with a pretty heart charm, also in pale pink.


Overall, I trust SpreePicky, the store is ran by nice people that treat everyone like it's a personal friend they know. If you need customer service, you can definitely, easily message them and they'll reply. They're sweet and so is the store. If you're into Japanese or Korean trends, particularly the kawaii vibes, this is where you'll find food for your wardrobe.

And, lastly, you can use the discount code "Gasaii", anytime at checkout, as a coupon for 10% off everything.

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