Summer haul and looks ❀ part 1

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Yo~ I have been absent, yet again what a shocking surprise, for a little while. Well, if you want to know, I've been in the middle of the messy process of moving out and moving in, you can imagine how that goes. The boxes are piling up right outside of the room and it feels like nothing is getting done yet. Oh what fun it is to be an adult, right? But it does come with its packet of free perks. 

Anyhow, I have been surfing the inter-webs, like who doesn't? and I've found myself getting some pretty sweet deals in sales, mostly all online. I think once you know your sizes, per brand and per store, because jesus n o b o d y can follow an actual standard size that is accurate, specially online, shopping from the comforts of your bed is the best way to go. At least for people like me and so many others. And you know? It's not even about the laziness of it, online everything is so much more organized and you don't have to be walking around trying to find the right size in a rack or embarrassingly asking where the sale section is. 

Alright, my point being, I've collected a few items that I wanted to coordinate, so I can actually know how to wear them and be ready when I finally get a chance to go out. That and I wanted to share, get my IG all coordinated and pretty, you know how it goes.

I'm partly sure there's going to be three parts to this haul, so no post is too extensive that it gets boring and so I don't over-saturate my feed and tire my followers. This is, of course you already know this but, the first part! It has pretty much two of my favorite new pieces for my closet. You can probably guess which ones, once you start scrolling. Everything, as always, is listed below the pictures, I try to bookmark the exact pages so I can accurately add them. But I do have to say, these websites 404 their pages once the item is sold out, for the most part, so some are almost replicas of the original piece. A last thing, all these items were chosen keeping in mind that I live in Florida and summer here turns you into a rotisserie chicken, if not a toasted bun, so yay~ to new summer clothes.

(it's $10.99!)
(red one sold out since, but it's in gray and camel)

I loved this t-shirt quite a lot. The fabric is one of those soft cotton mixes that are stretchy and almost form-fitting without being too thick or warm. Yet it's fully opaque and in no way, shape or form, would this be see-through. Honestly, it's reliable enough to go bra-less or without padding, if you like that. 

So, my man here thought the bananas were a joke and a dirty reference, but I just think they're cute like hell. Cute, perky and all lined up, what's not summery about tropical fruits? I love me some bananas, it's the perfect fruit to put in your toast, bread and butter, french toast, Nutella, peanut butter, what have you. I like the small rounded neckline, almost like a mock neck, which is always fashionable. And the stripes, I'm crazy for stripes, they're flattering and modern.

I paired the t-shirt with three different skirts but, really, it goes with anything. Jeans, shorts, whatever you have on hand. It's only your basic, fun, go-to comfy but look-good, every day shirt. Everybody needs one like that. By the way, if you're not crazy about the bananas, there are very similar t-shirts with strawberries instead, or carrots. They also had one with a teddy bear embroidery like an emblem. 

(it's only $9.79~)
(same skirt in more colors for only $11.99 01. 02. 03)

High-waist denim shorts from Romwe
(very similar shorts, in more sizes 010203.)

Oh my god, yay to this hoodie. I love hoodies. From the moment I turned fourteen and suddenly I was supposed and expected to dress nicely, like a lady, through my high school years of choosing between my homework, my boyfriend or my sleep, all to now, being the homey home-maker I am in my first twenties, yes I love me a good hoodie. There's some that make you look, let's be real here, homeless, or like you took a shower maybe last month, but there are also some that make you look good. Effortlessly good. Casual, sporty-chic, if that is even a thing. Well, this is one of them, a cropped all-white hoodie of thin material and decent quality. 

I kept hesitating on whether or not I should get the small size or the medium one, since I prefer bigger hoodies on me. Well guess what? I went for the small and I'm happy about it. Because the style is meant to be cropped you're not entirely supposed to size-up just to feel more comfy and protected by it. In fact it would have probably ruined the look if I had gotten a bigger size than I need, making it just another plain, boring, usual hoodie. The cropped length works great because you can pair it with high waisted jeans or shorts, a good tight pair of either in denim, and holy jesus do you look delicious. (I've got my rhymes down, huh)

This hoodie, it's like it beats the purpose of a hoodie, to look comfy and undressed, while keeping all of its perks. Yes, it's still soft and nice and for all anyone cares you could be wearing nothing underneath, but it still can help you pull-off a good look.

By the by, yes I know I sound ridiculous but I have not had a decent-looking hoodie in actual years. A handful of them. Should have invested in one long ago. 

(very similar shorts, in more sizes 01. 02. 03.)

The shorts! If you know me on Twitter, but you really don't have to, you've seen them already. I was talking about how much I loved them, and I do, I did... I ended up returning them, but due to a completely separate issue. Quality was great, period. The buttons were adorable, the high-waist actual height was perfect, it physically hit right in the middle of my belly-button and nothing "high waist" ever reaches far enough to cover that peeking bastard. 

The shade was this perfect deep blue of the "good quality" denim style that I like. The pockets were plain and big enough to hold a smartphone... pretty much all was in place and in order except for one thing.
My ass cheeks. 

Those irredeemable little butt-holes, well butt cheeks, popping out like they need a new tan. Going all out without asking for permission like teenagers meeting their first boyfriend after class. Yeah, my butt was about 35% out and bare and that, my friend, is enough to make me slightly uncomfortable. My man here too, oh yeah he liked them alright, but he didn't like the idea of other people liking it as my butt cheeks cruised around the city. 

I do not really want to wear shorts that are that short, and it's totally okay if you do. Please, go ahead. It's up to everyone to decide how comfortable they are and when enough is enough. I'll nipp sometimes, like going out with a bralette that does nothing or with a top that covers most everything. But that's about as far as I can go without getting nervous.

Anyway, yes I returned them, but I took all these pictures first. I loved them, after all, just not the way they are from behind. 

similar 01. 02. 03.
(very similar shorts, in more sizes 010203.)

Now, this top is my favorite thing at the moment. To wear. God, have I ever felt more attractive in any other shirt? Not really. The fabric is thick enough and the pattern on it, the stripes on the knit fabric are amazing. They make the shirt feel a bit more special than a plain, white cotton tee. I love how it is off-shoulders. That's a favorite neckline of mine, it's always either turtle-neck or off-shoulders for me. Yeah, I realize those are two opposites, but both are so great. Elegant, in a way, and I love showing collarbones or girls that dress in ways that shows-off their collarbones. Trust me, those bones are inherently attractive. 

Another thing, this top just so happens to be perfect for going braless. Precisely because it's form-fitting, tight but sturdy and a thin but knitted fabric. It holds them just like a bralette would. It hugs them so nicely, and it would be a pain to wear a bra and deal with the whole "strapless" idea, that just don't work (not for me at least), so it's the perfect excuse.

(it's only 5.99)
(very similar shorts, in more sizes 010203.)

Yeeees, another black and white striped shirt. I wasn't kidding when I said I love them. (Although, I guess I do say I love everything, I'm terrible) This one is a thinner material so it's very soft, very light. Like pajamas but in great quality. It was so cheap too, around six dollars only. I like the buttons, adds a little detail in there. The rounded neckline is comfortable and it gives you options, room to play around maybe with accessories or with overalls.

That is all for this first part. I know the styling is very simple, but that's exactly what I'm going for lately. Cute, everyday wear. Very casual and preferably less is better, because this is Florida and it's hot here (I've nailed that excuse).

Thanks for stopping by~
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