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 Yo!~ So I wanted to compile coordinates following a specific theme, like a color or a pattern, all to have them nice and ready whenever I need to think of something to wear when I go out. It's much easier that way... If you have a cramped closet or you keep your clothes in drawers and it's hard to remember everything you have to mix and match old pieces with new ones, yada yada, it's pretty convenient to already have listed pictures or sketches of outfits. And nothing is easier to do this than Instagram, besides making you a nice account, that's lately what I've been doing. Sharing looks by color or type so I can remember and scroll down to for future reference. 

Anyhow, that being said, I wasn't sure what to go for next. If a set of outfits based on floral prints or certain shades of color or what. Then I took a look at my closet and realized that a large portion of it is navy blue. Yup, navy blue, the boring, unassuming color that goes good for most occasions. Perhaps predictable but nonetheless one of my best colors to wear. I just find it a great color, not quite as sharp or daring as pitch black, rather preppy and casual.

So what I put together doesn't necessarily keep the same theme from outfit to outfit, in the sense that one could be a cute style and the next could be a formal one, but they're all featuring the color navy blue and they're all weather appropriate for this spring season. Soooo, I'm getting right to it, it's one look after the other with their respective rundowns and sites where I bought the clothing pieces from listed below~
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 No. 1

Outfit Rundown
Grid crop top [ found here ]
Burgundy skort [ $11.99 ]
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This may be one of my more frequent color combinations, and it's one my hubby dislikes, but oh well I love it. Navy blue with burgundy, really quite classic and preppy. The skort is so easy to wear with a good shape and you never have to worry about the length, precisely because there's shorts under that skirt. The top is one I don't usually wear but really like. It's tight but stretchy and the grid pattern turns out to be very flattering. It's a simple look, but it looks good in person, sorry the lighting was so bad!

  No. 2

Outfit Rundown
Velvet crop top [ found here ]
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The blue velvet crop top is one I've had and had forgotten to wear out for quite a few amount of months, It even had the tags on it... I'm terrible, but it had gotten lost in one of my drawers, oops. Anyway, it's a lovely velvet fabric that can go literally with any skirt I own. Whether it's denim, chiffon, pants, gray... tons of colors, shapes and fabrics that would look good with it. Black, for example, or even navy blue to match. But I went for a red skirt, because I'm stupidly in love with this one particular skirt. And like I said, I like red and blue combinations.

  No. 3

 Outfit Rundown
Striped crop top [ $16.99 ]
White denim shorts [ $13.99 ]
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Now this coordinate is really perfect for the summer. Very beachy and sailor-styled. Navy blue stripes on white with white shorts, or the white skirt. I used both bottoms to show you how it looks and because both are just as good, it only depends on what you are in the mood for. Skirts? or maybe it's too much hassle and you go for the shorts~ It's also to show you, you really can just adjust the ideas to whatever you have in your closet. Either way I absolutely love this shirt.

 No. 4

Outfit Rundown
Black denim shorts [ $12.99 ]
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I have had this peplum top for several months now but I simply forgot all about it. It's a little sad because it's honestly adorable. It can definitely be dressed up and the peter pan collar is not only cute but it's sequence and lace. This with a nice pair of skinny jeans could be a good look for a casual, but nice, job interview.

 No. 5

Outfit Rundown
Doll collar blouse [ $21.99 ]
F2U - Blue Starry Macaron Divider by Sugary-Stardust
Oh god I've had the blouse for so, so long and never found a time to wear it out. A total shame... Once I put it on I could tell how soft and silky the fabric was. It's very comfortable to wear, very airy as well for the hot weather. The bow tie is just lovely and if you don't want to look too dolly with it, you can tie it differently or pair up the blouse with high waisted tight shorts and thigh highs.

  No. 6

Outfit Rundown
Floral spring dress [ $18.99 ]
Bow handbag [ found here ]
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This dress is one of my favorites, for a simple, flowy dress that you can easily throw on and look good with. Adding a cute belt, ribbon or purse is all the accessorizing it needs for a cute, simple look. An oversized cardigan can look amazing with it too, like a creamy color or a pale pink, then you'll look all sweet and cozy.

 No. 7

 Outfit Rundown
F2U - Pink Starry Macaron Divider by Sugary-Stardust
This dress I honestly love, even though it happens to fall a little long on me. It's loose and squared for that minimalist look, Korean fashion definitely. Actually, if I remember correctly, this exact model gets used by the Kpop group Gfriend in one of their newer music videos. Something like a belt, a sweater or a shirt can be tied around the waist to give it a nice shape and that 90s vibe.

Berry Pop by MissLadyMinx
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We're done! Thanks for stopping by
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