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 Hola! I, very recently, received a cute little package from Shein with cute little things to review inside. So here it is! The items I picked myself, I loved how they looked in the website and I loved how they looked outside of the package. It's nothing too cute or pastel, but unique and a bit bold. From their basic solid colors, I thought they'd be easy to wear and match and from the fabrics, I thought they'd be comfy. And indeed they are~, so without anything else let me show you. 

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Available in XS, S, M, L
For $14.29

I really did love the shirt. It's made of this ultra-soft cotton mix that's stretchy and stays cool. Not incredibly thin, which I like because it means it won't be see-through. The shirt comes quite already tied and laced, there's no tying it or knotting it, which can be easier to get it right. Basically, it comes ready to wear and what you can play with is the adjustment of the V-neck. How wide or narrow you want it to be. Since the lacing is thick and stretchy you can definitely pull away or push it together. I kept mine slightly narrow, but really, you can go as open as you want.  Yup. It's not a crop top and I prefer that, I mean the style is already revealing so you might as well have the option in length. Don't get me wrong, I do like crop tops, but I find that having a decent length is more versatile in the sense that you can pair it with any bottoms you want. In any case, if you really wanted a cropped look, you can totally wrap it up, above your waist and tie with a little hair-tie in a cute bun to the side, then be done with it. The color is my absolute favorite detail about it. It's an undeniable red that you can't miss. Very warm-toned, that's why I called it auburn. Like orange-red fire.

Available for $15.86

The skirt is just so lovely. It's perfectly wearable with anything, very comfortable and flattering with a wide waist-band that is fully stretchy in the back and ties in the front. Very easy to get in and out of. The faux suede is soft as it could possibly be. I liked the length, it's not something so short that you can't work with in all situations, but it's also not something so long that won't allow you to show off that thigh . The skirt has a lining on the inside that feels soft and light, it's quite perfect, as a simple black skirt to pair with much anything. The only thing it's missing to be the best of it's kind would be a concealed pair of undershorts that comes with the lining. That's all .

The store's prices are pretty unbeatable and they have a US warehouse, so the shipping doesn't have to come all the way from Asia and so, the order really doesn't have to take long to reach you. They always have some sales going on, right now they have a promotion where you can save 40% if you spend 55+ 

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