Little lingerie and lacey clothing haul ♡

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Hello! I have received two new packages in the mail, and before I get tired again this new week with work, I thought I'd better haul it. I'm really satisfied with both of these parcels and I'll just get right into it. The first one is from SheIn, a sponsored little packets of items I chose. There's two of them and I did really appreciate the quality in both. As for the second package, it is from Victoria's Secret, and I'm sure you all already know how that goes. Shopping at VS is simply irresistible in ways we can't explain.

Outfit Rundown
retails for $17.59
retails for $20.39

The first piece was the bodysuit, and it's the first one I own. The verdict? I like it. A lot.Of course you don't have to wear it, by any means, by itself with nothing else to warm your thighs. You can think of a bodysuit more like, the perfectly tucked-in shirt. It's always going to be smoothed out and you're never going to have to re-adjust it or re-tuck it. It comes with an easy opening right at the bottom, you know in case you need to go to the bathroom or get out of it quickly. The way it opens gives you the option to step in and out of it either from head to bottom or bottom and up. The design is pretty daring but nothing you can't tune down. It laces up all the way from your belly bottom to your neck and the string that it comes with allows you to tighten it or loosen it as much as you like. That means you can adjust the deepness and wideness of that V neck easily. It's also a very soft, light cotton fabric so I am completely happy with it. Whether you can believe me or not, it's honestly quite comfortable to wear out~

The second piece was the faux suede dark khaki, or rusty copper, skirt. It's as simple and lovely as it looks. It snap-buttons all the way and you can get it done in seconds. It has a soft lining inside that helps you not feel any of the seams. The faux suede fabric is very, very soft, I just wanted to keep running my fingers through it. It's a versatile color and a good length. And for that price, it's perfect.

Tiny fruit divider (F2U) by Zilverlovely

Now, well I also got a few little pastel things from Victoria's Secret online. They were doing their famous "panty party" of 7 for 27, and that plus a coupon I had was just the perfect time to get new underwear. 

Yeah, yeah perhaps I shouldn't share undies so much for the world to see, but I'm not one to care about that. I'm not wearing them after all~ And they're brand new out of the package. Also, of course, they're so cute I just wanted to photograph them.

This time VS seemed to have a nice pastel theme going on, probably due to Spring season, so I happily shopped the best ones that caught my eye. I don't have specific links for each of them, but mostly they were from PINK, the new collection of hibiscus. 

 I love how adorable they all are and the cotton makes them so comfortable that I would never regret the purchase.

Berry Pop by MissLadyMinx
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Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

That's it! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, 
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  1. They look really cute and sexy. I'm definitely digging this combination.
    Also the lace-up body suit looks sensual and really beautiful on you ♡