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Yo!~ I've been trying to keep a better-looking Instagram and for this reason I made three new coordinates. I wanted to keep something red in all of them, to honor the month of love. I feel as though as that is the one color that fits me in every occasion. Red is pretty, daring and it contrasts nicely with a variety of skin colors. There's plenty of shades to choose from, so if for example, you don't like a vibrant red, you can go for a cold wine-red. Or on the contrary, if you don't want a dead red, you can go for apple red. There's some secret about it that no matter what it feels attractive, and wearing red is always an excuse to wear a red lip.

I focused on jumper dresses because I honestly adore them. They are just like a skirt, except that they happen to cover more. You can change the way a jumper dress looks by deciding what to wear under it. A dressy collared blouse, a crop top, a turtle neck, and everything in any color you want. The way it looks tends to be cute and they work on cold and warm weather. Basically, I like the versatility of them, so let's move on~ ♡

Coordinate 1
Outfit Rundown

I had previously reviewed this dress and it wasn't a perfect score for me. However, now that I've figured out how I can wear it as a jumper dress, I love it, absolutely. Blue and red is such an old-school combination, but I like it anyway. Denim and red get along like bananas and strawberries. I absolutely had to add a choker, just look at the neckline shape, with all that space to play around with. My shoes, although you can't see them, are cute white sneakers. That's all that was needed. Simple outfits are making life much better, I swear 

Coordinate 2 
Outfit Rundown

This coordinate I like just as much as the first one, even though it doesn't look as good on me. The only reason for this is the jumper dress, that in this case, is shapeless. If I could alter it on my own, I would. A little more cinching around the waist, or something, because it falls flat and square in a body like mine. But, as you can see, adding something like a cross-body purse can change the overall silhouette. A jacket or a belt can work with that as well. Anyway, despite all that I still enjoy the outfit and I've worn it out a few times. I pair this with my black ankle boots and cute creamy socks. I thought the body chain would add something to it and make it more dressy~ Lining it up with the zipper is a nice touch. 
Coordinate 3 
Outfit Rundown
Striped top from Zara, similar at SheIn
Black jumper dress from Zara, similar at Romwe
Necklace from Tokyo Otaku Moderegister for $5 off first purchase

Alright, and for the last outfit, pretty much everything is from Zara. My parents gifted me with the top and dress for my birthday. Out of so many styles of jumper dresses in the market, this is by far my favorite. Not just because it's from a store I love, but because it's slick and modern. Made of thick fabric and a solid black color. The silver rings set it apart from the rest of the dresses and gives a retro vibe. This is the perfect shape to pair with a turtleneck, in my opinion, to go for a minimalist look. And the pattern on the top contrasts and matches the style of the jumper. I'm not sure if you can see it well, but the stripes are glittering black with thin white and red. 

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