Houses of Hogwarts. The fashion behind each House

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Hogwarts fashion is not just about wearing the colors of your house, unlike the common belief. There's flavor and personality to each house and each one of them follows their own style. Whether it's preppy, minimal, vibrant, sexy... The four houses agree in a general feel to their style and the students coordinate as such. The personality behind a true look, of each of the four houses, is studied below.

Yes, this is a fun blog entry I thought I'd make, and it should be taken as such, fun. Read ahead and let me know what you think! I grew up with Harry Potter, and I'm sure some of you have as well. Being sorted into the right house that matched your true self was always such a strong need, and now that I have and I know my house, I wanted to write about it, as if I were living like another Hogwarts student. Without further adieu, let's start~ 

Escudos Hogwarts: Gryffindor by aranay
Sugar Quill by ivy-branches button down | sweater | shorts | boots | backpack | socks; discount code at checkout: strawberry
Gryffindor, the first house that is introduced, the house of the heroes and heroines. House of the braves and the friends. It really is not lies and exaggerations. Gryffindors make great friends and fun companions. Adventurous, outspoken, spontaneous... They'll always have your back and they'll always defend the outcasts and underdogs. 

A true Gryffindor is not only impulsive and extroverted, they also carry a big heart and curious minds ready to learn or discover new things. They're passionate, in their own ways. Fashion? sure, they care about it, to an extent. But there's no need to show off the sizes of their pockets. 

Gryffindor is the point between the fancy style of a Slytherin and the practicality of a Ravenclaw's clothes. 
Happily wearing out their house colors, a piece of the look is always wine red. They do not opt for skirts, because the design would only get in the way and force them to wear shorts underneath, too much trouble for a Gryffindor. So shorts it is, for a Gryffindor's spirit. Black wool, well structured and never afraid of keeping them short. 

A white button down always works for them, it's easy and versatile. If they decide to be outdoors, the sleeves can be rolled-up, and if it gets chilly, a sweater can be thrown on top. Quick, easy wardrobe decisions that adjust to their unpredictable daily lives. A wine red pullover will do, with the shirt's collar neatly peeking out, at least until their oufits get messy, with the movement and all. If it gets cold, they'll throw on a Gryffindor scarf and move on. 

Because they like to be on the move, rather than staying home with a book, they love wearing tights. It keeps those legs warm and protected anywhere they go. 

Gryffindors are not scared of making bold statements or standing out from the crowd. Any vibrant jewelry, watch, sunglasses or, in this case, shoes, will do good. Bold, strong boots that can go work with different surfaces, like the forest. 

And a backpack, for all the things they decide they need to carry, little things and big things. A good Gryffindor wouldn't leave without a handy backpack filled with basic tools and a million pens and pencils that they tend to lose. 

A classic, bold red lipstick never fails them.

Sugar Quill by ivy-branches necklace | earrings | scarf | dress | shoes | socksdiscount code at checkout: strawberry 
Oh the Hufflepuffs, always mocked for the same thing, being kind, and that's it. Kind and plain. And that's the nice way of saying it. No, that's not how it is. Hufflepuff, often misunderstood, is that person no one could live without. The gentle, the generous, the friendly, the carefree, the light-hearted. Pretty much the perfect best friend, daughter, mother, brother, teacher, you get it. I once fell for a true Hufflepuff and it was the best thing that happened to me.

But enough about that nonsense, just like their stereotype, their house color, a mustard yellow, is underrated and misunderstood. Yellow is, in truth, quite a stylish color. 

The Hufflepuff student likes to wear their fair share of pastels and creamy shades. Anything that is soft in the eyes and blends in with a beautiful garden. Nothing too constricted, like a tight dress that a Slytherin would definitely adore, rather, flowly, distressed clothes. 

Out of the four houses, Hufflepuff is the most likely to like nature and wear a one-piece. An oversized sweater, or an oversized jumper dress. Long, airy tops and unassuming flat shoes or lace boots. 

Definitely scarves and long necklaces with a charm that holds meaning to them as well.
This look consists of a classic floral dress, standard fashion for the spirit of a Hufflepuff, and a long scarf. That's the essence of it. A flowing shape, simple clothes that say anything but "I'm expensive and limited edition". It's accessible, amiable fashion that they like. 

To show their pride for Hufflepuff, a dirty yellow accessory, such as the scarf, fits perfectly. The shoes rarely need heels, but a small one works just fine to make them look cute as usual. 

The lace detailing in said shoes blends in with the "picnic party" look they pull off so well. It's effortless coordinates with that little touch of sensitivity that sets them apart from the rest. 

No need for stockings, free skin is preferred, so a little darling touch with ankle socks works just right. The pattern in the dress is made of small flowers, which match the jewelry selection. A set of daisy earrings and necklace. 

Nude, soft lips to finish it all off. Nothing complicated or harsh. Add a last touch if you want, cream cheek blush.

Escudos Hogwarts: Ravenclaw by aranay
Sugar Quill by ivy-branches cardigan|button upsatchelskirtshoes thigh highsdiscount code at checkout: strawberry 
Ravenclaws, the ones known for their brains more than any other trait. These students have no need to show off or brag about anything, unless it's their test results. They look at each other's answers, to better themselves and keep the competitive side of wits going. But that's besides the point, without a need to be flashy in something as irrelevant as clothes, they dress in simple fashion (quite contrary to Gryffindors and Slytherins who like to represent themselves in their fashion and try to stand-out from the crowd).

A classic student look, that is who they are. Ah, but not getting fancy doesn't mean they lack style, quite the opposite, Ravenclaws are some of the ones with the best taste. With a small, special piece here or there, like grandma's brooch, and a good quality (ehem, designer) backpack to carry all their books, they're ready to go. Those books are not going to carry themselves and magically float-... oh, guess they could. But their minds are much too busy to add yet another task to their multitasking wands.

Quite interesting the Ravenclaws are. Oddly attractive. Clothes always spotless. 
This coordinate stays true to the well-structured, adequate and mature mind of a Ravenclaw. A plaid, neatly pleated skirt to begin with. "What? we're in school, aren't we? Uniforms include plaids" is what they would tell you if you asked them why.

They will pair that perfect length skirt with a white button down, always tucked in and ironed properly. If they're feeling festive, they'll add a bowtie. A blazer or a cardigan goes over the shirt, no matter what. And if it gets cold, they might add a well-fitted jacket that cinches at the waist.

The Ravenclaw chooses to wear thigh-length socks to keep warm and follow the uniform code. Fashionable moccasins or other school-approved shoe to go with it all.

They might follow the rules, but that doesn't keep them from staying fashionable. The satchel can go on their shoulders or switched as a backpack, versatility.

They don't care much for makeup but they'll wear mascara to keep their eyes looking sharp as ever and perhaps, a berry lip tint. Done.


Sugar Quill by ivy-branchesturtle neck | skirt | shoes | stockingsdiscount code at checkout: strawberry 
Slytherin, our final house, and the one I was sorted into. Deep, dark green is their official color and it matches their personality just right. This is usually the color of envy, greed and poison, all well-matched words for Slytherins, and not necessarily in a bad way. Slytherins are not the only envious ones, maybe the rest of the houses are secretly going green towards them.

They're ambitious and determined, manipulative and, out of the houses, Slytherin is definitely the sultriest one. Dark, mysterious personalities that match their emerald green. But a good Slytherin would never be tacky, quite the contrary.

I'm sure their parents get them the best in designer clothes, specially in a modern world like today. Wearing the latest in fashion and statement jewelry to school, it's hard to see why the rest of the students wouldn't fume in envy, (except maybe for Hufflepuffs, of course).
This is the coordinate I made as a statement Slytherin look. It had to be a (faux) black leather skirt. Tight and structured like the Slytherin mentality. Short, because they like to show off, and deliciously smooth legs are definitely a feature to drool over. Silver accents to contrast the black of the leather and to match the silver jewelry, top quality.

The top is a deep green turtleneck, conservative and elegant. Slytherins have no need to show off the skin around their chest, that's a privilege only their own can admire. Besides, like this the Slytherin girls can easily showcase their brand new bold necklace. Daddy bought it for them, for sure.

Keeping it very simple and elegant, true to their hearts, one snake ring, worth more than Hufflepuff's monthly allowance, is the only accessory they need. To show the pride for their house. The shoes are soft matte black, classy and close-toed. Always, close-toed. But with strapping details that makes those feet look tempting as ever.

A good Slytherin always wears stockings. Black and sheer, to match their perfectly clean outfit. Showing too much skin is not the way they do it, rather showing only the minimum piece of naked skin is what makes others wonder more about what lies under those fancy garments, that and their constricted clothing.

Simple, minimal and undeniably sultry.

Top it all with a deep berry matte lipstick and a good mascara. 

Hermione Granger by PuruPuruland
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had fun and liked some of the styles I came up with for the houses of Hogwarts. 
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