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Day 1
Yo~ So I decided to thoroughly make a 30 day anime challenge, from an old blogging trend, but I modified the list to make it more fun and interesting. We'll see if you like it. This is Day 1, "Best childhood anime". 

To start, let me say this is not just my favorite childhood anime rant, this is what I, frankly, consider the best anime to watch during your childhood, whoever you are. That said, there's so many series out there that would be nearly perfect as an anime to watch as a kid, so it has to be an old one as well. One of the nostalgic ones, mainly from the 90s and the early 2000s. This basically means what anime would have been ideal for me, and you and everyone, to watch during our childhoods to put us in the right track of life and anime taste~ 

I narrowed it down to a handful of choices, but this was easy to do, I knew the answer since the beginning and I'm saving it for last. Here's one, Pokemon. The first two generations, or even just the first one. This is the anime I actually grew up with, I would watch it every day after school with my two brothers. I loved it, and even back then I knew it was sort of a guilty pleasure. At least that's how it felt, because I was a girl and all my friends at school were doing pretty girl things and watching girl shows, such as the Power-puff girls. But Pokemon was fun and friendly. So easy to follow and so much about "discovering new things and worlds", just the right type of thing for a kid to develop their imagination.

Here's my next suggestion, Sailor Moon. Yup, this one absolutely had to be here, but I have to admit it's not my actual choice and number one. Not even close. Anyway, Sailor Moon is a good one, no matter where you look at it. Ah, but I'm not including the reboot in this, Sailor Moon Crystal, only the original series. This anime is all about friends, personal strength and having a big heart. I love how there's so many girl characters and they all get their own personalities, traits and fashion sense. It was perfect for a kid to pick their favorite one and relate to them. For example, I liked "the red one" so I'd wear red all the time and try out her hairstyle~ Something so simple yet so engaging for a child.

Third option, Fruits Basket. Adorable, amazing. Touching. Aaaand very funny. Now, I did not know this anime existed until I was in high school, and by then it was so old and forgotten, but I loved every episode. This, I know, would have been amazing to watch during my childhood. Much, much more touching than any of my other options. So sweet and gentle, and so many life lessons sprinkled all over in a way that makes sense for a kid. Accepting yourself, loving yourself, relying on others for help, helping others, being always kind... And laughing a lot. I have rewatched this one about 3 times, that goes to show how good and heartwarming it is.

Fourth and last option before my pick, Naruto, only Naruto, not Shippuden (but that's up to you). I started watching this one, randomly, with my siblings around middle school, but I never actually sat down to watch from episode one to last until high school. Again, just like Fruits Basket, I had already "grown up" but it doesn't matter. Naruto is an entertaining adventurous story that follows our very relatable hero in his mischief, effort, wins and losses. It is so perfect to teach a lonely kid about friendship and social skills, the good kind that help you help others. It is also very funny, a having a good laugh matters. This show would teach any kid to always try their best and put all their effort into things they want. It also shows you how far effort and training can take you, that is great for any child that wants to become say a football player. There are so many characters and every one of them gets a heart, traits, flaws... girls and boys, and as a kid, you can pick your favorite one and root for them.

Now the real best thing to watch during your childhood is Card Captor Sakura. If you know me at all, you knew this was coming. I cannot stress enough how good the creators, CLAMP, are for the heart. Their beliefs and philosophies, that they so gentle drizzle all over their characters, are like chicken soup for the soul. Truly. This anime follows a girl, the perfect role model for a child, in her daily life. She goes to school, happy; she studies for her tests, happy and realistically tired sometimes; she does her house chores, happy to help out her dad; she loves her brother and father and late mother, despite having so many responsibilities as a middle-class single-parent family; she always tries her best, she is always cheerful or trying to find the positive side of things. She holds people very dear to her, even the classmates that she occasionally talks to. She cares for so, so many people in a realistic way for a kid her age, around fourth to sixth grade... Yeah, just the main character herself can pull the show together, but all the rest of the characters are just as good. There's Touya, the brother, who watches over his sister and father while mocking and joking around. There's Tomoyo, who loves, in such a mature way, her best friend and watches over her, always available no matter the time. There's Syaoran, who discovers what love is and is always working hard and alone. Yeah, I could go on and on forever (I'm obsessed) but you get the point. This anime has love with no gender or boundaries, personal strength and lots of love and care for friends and family. Above all, it teaches you that "Everything is going to be okay!"

By all means, let me know what you would pick and if you think I missed something~
Thanks for stopping by!
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