Black and white peplums and why they're so good to us

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Heeeey, it's been a while, because work overworks me and I'm too sleepy or hungry to sit and blog. But here, I'm still internet-alive and well. I have two coordinations, a bit similar, for two peplum tops that I love. I have the links for them and they'll be right below the pictures. I do realize the whole "fall" season is on us, but I live in Florida and I'm positive it's always going to be sunny here. Same goes for everyone else living somewhere in the south~ I'm not sure if we're blessed or cursed, but it sure is hot here. Anyway, thank you for still checking on my blog, I used up my free day today to take a bunch of pictures I had been delaying thanks to work and housewife chores~

Black peplum top [ from Shein ]
White denim shorts [ local store ]

Is it me or black is always "sexier" (I'm personally not much of a sexy sort of person, too awkward to pull that off, but that's the way it generally works)? I like wearing it a lot, and it makes me feels like I'm more dressed up than I actually am. And this top has that see-through mesh top and bottom, the center, the goodies, are covered with an opaque lining, however the back is fully see-through (I forgot to take a picture of that, so sorry!)... Anyway it just makes me generally more attractive than I actually am. That sort of feeling, where clothes make you feel nice. Yep that's what I mean~ I loved the top and the back has this great gold, bold zipper, it zips all, all the way up, so really you can put the shirt on in one move. Or take it off, whichever~ I honestly appreciate that since it means getting on your clothes is not going to ruin your hair or get your lipstick all over the neckline. I wish this top had been just an inch slimmer so the fit was more accurate on my body, but as you can see I wore a belt in there to accentuate a very subtle, very very subtle waist. But hey, it works. That's what I love so much about peplum tops, whether you have a noticeable waist-hip ratio or none at all, it will show. It will exist. Thank you peplums. Well I paired it with simple white shorts, tight fit to showcase even more of that shape the top wants to gift us all that wear them. And nude flats. Very simple outfit and whenever I go simple I like to dress as if I was a Kpop artist, or just a model in a Korean magazine. Who doesn't love their style...

White peplum top [ from Shein ]
Light denim shorts [ discount: gasaii ]

So, while my first coordination was K-fashion style, this definitely falls more into the "kawaii" J-fashion style. For example, look at those frilly, girly socks and those cutesy lolita shoes. Here's another detail, the bow choker that is definitely a cute/kawaii touch. This look is also, definitely, more spring than fall, with the flowers and all, but I don't care. I like flowers and I wear them when I like. You should do the same with whatever you like, as well ^^ Okay this shirt is more special to me than the previous one and here's why. The fabric is complete lace, and if you know me, you know I adore lace, particularly pure white lace. Secondly, the peplum cut is more marked than the other top. It's basically a flowing, bouncy skirt at your hips. What could be more flattering than that?~ Thirdly, the neckline isn't short and rounded, but you get more breathing space, and it shows a lot more skin, this is space that you can use to add necklaces or show off those cute collar bones. And lastly, the adorable tiny yet structured sleeves. Aren't they just perfect? I will always prefer short-sleeves over no sleeves at all. Oh, it's also very comfortable to wear and the lining is silky smooth.

Love, hugs and nervous giggles
I'll be back soon

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