Old school dolly look ✿ ft. SheIn

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Outfit Rundown
Rose gold earrings from SheIn [ $6.60 ]
Lace button down from SheIn [ $8.06 ]
Suspender gray skirt from Romwe [ $16.33 ]
Knee socks from my old closet
T strap flats from eBay
FREE AV - Lolita Ribbon by Sophibelle

What can I say? I love classy old school style. Like a good girl in a private catholic school. And by the way, that was my actual life, but I wouldn't just wear my old uniform out, it has to be a more stylish take on it, with the same concept. My knee socks are actually the ones I had to wear with said uniform. The shoes are similar to those horrid moccasins we had to wear, but again, more stylish. I love that T strap. Anywhere, any outfit. There's something inherently doll-like about them. Maybe the fact that indeed all my old dolls had T strap shosies.
Anyway, as soon as I saw this button down shirt I emailed my SheIn sponsor to get my hands on it while it lasted. It is just gorgeous. I love that it has no collar, because those are a pain to iron and keep in perfect place. It also has this sweet lacing detail on the edges. The fabric is a beautiful striped pattern and it has the sweetest, tiny buttons to go with the whole delicate, feminine aura.  Very comfortable too. Oh, if you haven't caught up with it, sorry for forgetting to explain, Sheinside, a store I frequently review and approve of, changed its name to just SheIn, so that's what it is. That's where this top comes from. And yes, I can say I recommend you to check them out. Their prices are great and inexpensive, and the variety they have... you could spend a whole day browsing their items.

Well, moving on, I already had the skirt when I saw the top, and I just knew I had to wear them together. For that vintage dolly "good girl" outfit. Said skirt buttons all the way down, so you could remove it like it's nothing, if you needed. And the suspenders, adorable as ever, are removable and adjustable with buttons.

I do apologize for the mess of a hair I had. I was about to head to work and I had to take the pictures in a rush, to go back in and get undressed and re-dressed for work. But I definitely do think that a good ponytail looks best with the outfit. Maybe if your hair is plain and straight, the neat and silky type of straight, then down and pulled behind a plain fabric headband would look amazing. Those half-inch width of fabric headbands in a navy blue color, gray plaid pattern or a very toned down red.
And that is that, what do you think? This vintage young girl vibe is a favorite of mine, so I'm interested in hearing what others think of it. 
You're free to go now, go and a have a sweet day. image
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FREE AV - Lolita Ribbon by Sophibelle
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