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Floral Heart Avatar by Kezzi-Rose
Retail price: $26.00
Sizes: S, M, L
Measurements on website
Color: dark blue
Discount code: gasaii

image What I like
Okay let's see, the fabric is a dream. You the sort of denim that is too rough and thick? The one that you can't move around too much... yeah, this isn't it. The skort has that soft, nearly stretchy denim that feels so comfy. The design is insanely cute too, this is your step above cute denim shorts. Technically, it's shorts but it has this little ruffle band at the bottom that makes it look like a skirt. Skorts were a genius idea, whoever's it was. Comfortable and easy to wear without worrying about sitting like a lady, yet still as girly as a skirt. I liked the buttons too, it's a sweet detail. The color is great, deep blue denim is my favorite denim color, the light kind is also nice, if you want to look vintage or something, but I prefer dark denim all the way. Ah of course, there's the gorgeous back piece, all those straps criss-crossing themselves, like braided denim. I don't know what it is, but it looks really cute and you definitely won't find designs like that just anywhere. The sizing options are forgiving and depending on your body type, you can decide how low or high waisted you want this skort to sit. I personally didn't want it too short in the back, because butts, so I had it right at my hip bones. I got a size S, if you wondered. I think this skort would look lovely with most any baggy top, oversized sweater, lazy loungewear, etc. image

image What I don't like
Perhaps this is just me, or just the way the skort sits on my body, but I'd love if it had been a little longer in the back. Again, because butts. I think rather than a low-waist style, a high-waist one would be more flattering, specially to create a wider-hips illusion. But then again, these are shorts after all, and shorts are structured and they follow your natural thigh shape, rather than opening in A-shape like a skirt. Other than that, I'm totally pleased with this, I wouldn't give it back or give it away for anything.

Strawberry note bullet by Ponnui About Spree Picky
I have been working with this store for over a year and they are honestly amazing. The store is always getting newer, cuter items. Exclusive picks from Asia that poor young ones like us can't get just anywhere. Their shipping is flawfree, when you make an order you'll receive a confirmation number and order on your e-mail. Also, you'll receive a tracking number once the package is on its way. The quality is guaranteed to be good, no joke. I've had, what? 10 packages from them, at least, and every time they deliver. Great quality. Great items. Good deals, discounts, coupons and what not. If you like Asian fashion, trends or culture, specially Korean and Japanese, check them out. They never disappoint. Kawaii Face: Smile by apparate

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