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Hello again!~ So, I pretty much just wanted a cute summer outfit, as almost always (yes, even though fall season is upon us, here in Florida, seasons don't make any difference). Lots of skin, easy breezy, like the music video "Darling" by Girl's Day. Yeah, just something sweet and refreshing. Well, there's definitely many ways you could get a cute simple coordinate like this, high waist denim shorts, a pretty crop top, a sweet accessory, done. You could take away the knee socks and look just as adorable... although, come on, I love the knee socks. My coordinate could even seem weird, but usually when I'm putting them together I'm only thinking of one thing. Is it cute? Does this make it cuter? OK we're good. (Or if I'm trying to do that "sexy" thing I often fail at, I switch the words)

Anyway, I'm still in love with the little skort I received from Spree Picky and I wanted a chance to wear it out again. Blue denim with a white top can't be a bad idea, ever. The shirt is delicious. A full button down, cropped and cinching quite tight at the waist, off-shoulder sleeves but with straps and a bow tie at the end. Yes. The fabric is smooth, soft and light. It's also opaque, so that's great. 

The choker simply seemed like the perfect necklace to wear with this. To add pastel colors and focus on those collarbones that will definitely show thanks to the cut of the shirt. Add a ponytail to that, because with an off-shoulders top and / or a choker, you're going to want to show that neck. And those shoulders. I find those two areas inherently delicate and attractive in girls. My hair is pretty messy in the pictures (sorry I was having another bad hair day) but a ponytail is still a ponytail, and they're nice... 

Oh, and why 90s ice cream cutie? Because I will wear this to a Sunday ice cream date with hubby. And mini denim skirts are a lost thing of the 90s. Same for the chokers~ (but those are more than back already)

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