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Cute Asian fashion online store
Discount code for checkout, store-wide: "gasaii"

Yo~ Hello image I have some pretty cute things to show from an old, long favorite shop from storenvy, Yumart. First of, this store and SpreePicky are the only storenvy shops I fully trust. Neither has ever disappointed me or given me an even slightly not-good quality. And both of them are so different from each other, it's like my two go-to online stores for general Korean and Japanese fashion. While SpreePicky is sugar, nekomimis and kawaii everything, Yumart is the toned down, casual, gorgeous fashion. Taiwanese and Korean. So many people go to Yesstyle to buy the same type of clothing, but I honestly don't see why. I have personally shopped at Yesstyle over 3 times in this last year and all 3 of them were an annoying disaster. The item I bought couldn't be stocked, so they refunded me, in store credit, not even my own money. The order said it would ship this day but it shipped over a month late. The items were wrong and I got the wrong size but they didn't want to accept my return. A pain in the butt, to be quite honest. Yumart, on the other hand, has a sweetheart running it, Eva, and everything gets packed and shipped preciously, and you're really not going to get a wrong size or an item that doesn't match the product description. Even if something did happen with your order, things are as easy as filling the contact form to get Eva to solve it and work out something. I promise you, the experience of shopping through Yumart is far, far more delightful than the horrors at Yesstyle.

Alright, without further explanation, here's the 2 items I received from Yumart, their respective pictures and reviews. Scroll down more for my pastel favorites, a wish list from the store because everything is so simple and pretty. I divided them into tops + shirts and bottoms + dresses. Enjoyimage

Retail price: $20.00
Sizes: S, M
Colors: White, Navy
Quality: image Great
Discount code: gasaii

I love this baby. It's quite the lifesaver of skirts, shorts and bottoms. The fabric feels like great quality, the plaid pattern is gorgeous, the two color combos available are visually attractive and easy to match. One being white with grey, the other being navy blue with light grey. Another big pro, it has pockets, two! and not just two pockets, it's two good-sized pockets. Generous space, honestly. You can fit any smartphone on either pocket. Another thing, it has a stretchy waist-band, so there's no need to fear for sizing. So the fake sleeves that you tie around the front seemingly come from the waistband and you may adjust them or tie them however you please. This baby looks like a skirt, which I love because it gives that fluff and poof A-ish-shape that helps give your hips some width, but it's actually shorts. Comfortable, pretty ones. I had a hard time picking between the white one and the blue one. I'll include a picture right here. I think the design is so easy yet so stylish I might just get the second color. The price isn't bad at all, and for the quality and wear-ability, yes it's definitely worth it. I've been matching it daily for the simplest of days, like going grocery shopping, with any tank top or t-shirt I feel like wearing that day, and it looks great.

Retail price: $18.00
Sizes: S, M
Quality: image really nice
Discount code: gasaii

Here's another convenient, pretty piece of clothing. These is what I like about the store Yumart so much, it's all casual clothing but with that little something, some detail, that makes the item so much different from Target clothes (for example). So this top is this pretty thing, white of course, because how could you go more versatile and subtle than white. It's off-shoulders, obviously, because I love showing some skin and I love the daintiness of girl's shoulders. What else? well it's a button down, for that classic air and breezy feel. It's really perfect for hot days because the fabric feels so light on my skin, yeah it's a little see-through but I personally prefer that.  The grid pattern can go unnoticed, but it's undeniably there and it's just so cool. The top is also on the longer side of tops, so it's good with leggings and what-not when you want your butt covered. But as you can see, you can also wear it just down or tie it (if it's really that hot), wear it over your bikini tied mid-waist like that (that would be so cute) or however you want to wear it. Tucked in high waist shorts maybe. Anyway, it's a very pretty thing to have and there's so many ways to wear it and... very comfy~

Pastel Favorites
don't forget you can use my discount "gasaii" at checkout!~

Tops & Shirts
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Bottoms & Dresses
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