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It took me more than a day to sit down an think hard of my truest top 10. It's tough because feelings get mixed with "what's the recent waifus I've encountered" versus "what are my old, long life waifus". You know? The excitement of the present might blur away the past feelings. Oh god, I might be taking this way too seriously, but, does it matter? Anime waifus are everything. They give you life and fluffy happiness in times of boredom and/or loneliness. Anyway! after sleeping on it I have come up with a list that stays true to my weeaboo heart. Before starting, please do feel free to do this tag yourself and show me, because if there's something I can't get tired of, is anime top lists of fellow weeaboo colleagues. And~ I have to thank the adorable Noodlerella for this  tag, she just posted a youtube video on it and invited anyone who wanted to join the fun. Here I am, bless your waifus. Here it goes
(Warning! This is going to be incredibly hardcore feelings for 2D characters, that's my life)

Number 10
Kallen Stadtfeld
Oh, sweet goddess. She's quite the fanservice body, isn't she? Code Gayass (~) is an old but amazing anime that I have rewatched quite a few times. Their characters are out of this world and we have CLAMP to thank for that great design. Here's why I love Kallen. She hides her personality under a sickly, shy school girl, only to keep her badass real character protected. When we get to see who she really is, it's everything I'd ever want. She's tough, gentle at heart but tough. She's strong, defensive, impulsive, sometimes she becomes a little kitten when near her loved prince, but she can also be brave, stand up and seduce the love of her life. She is loyal, above all I find that she is loyal. She is the type of waifu that would never betray you, even if tortured. Everything she does comes straight from her heart. And she worries about everyone around her. She could be any day a perfect loving mother and wife. She doesn't mind sacrifice, she doesn't mind waiting and no matter what it is, she will put in all her effort to get it. Jesus, what a role model, *cough* waifu. Period. She's amazing and we should all learn from her beautiful soul *tears*. I'm remembering the end of the second season and I feel so upset about her last kiss. What a babe.

Number 9

Isurugi Noe
Oh my goodness. She's a little of the opposite of the strong babe I just named, but she is such a sweetheart. Isurugi Noe is the literal definition of an Angel waifu. She is innocence incarnated. I can never calm down when I think of how she was hurt on the series, True Tears. Noe is this adorable, tiny little thing with a heart like a puppy, imagination and love for everyone. She's the waifu you must protect, because she is so gentle and kind to anyone. She would also be a perfect cute younger sister to anyone. I just want to pet her and love her all day; Pure love. She's my pure love kind of waifu and I still wish for her damn happiness. Dammit.

Number 8
Nadeko Segonku
The lovely Nadeko from the Bakemonogatari series. Why her? out of the chicks this anime has to offer. Well, because she is so damn delicious and precious. Her opening theme song may also have eternally infected me, and many others I'm sure, Renai Circulation. She is the definition of cute. Sweet. A young girl still growing, still learning and still developing. I know there's not much of her character other than fanservice, because that is the type of anime she comes from. And she may just be my fanservice waifu. But is that wrong? Nu-uh. If I was going to have a guilty pleasure, fanservice eternal waifu, it would have to be Nadeko. So pure yet so... oh goodness, irresistible? In an allowed way, yep because she is underage still. I just want to keep her in my pink bedroom and feed her sweets and bake her cakes and share ice cream with her. Ah god, why is she so irresistible and cute?

Number 7
Akemi Homura
Do I need to elaborate? Thank you Puella Magi Madoka Magika for giving us all a great messed up magical girl anime. I love Homura because of her character growth and development. From sweet, infatuated, shy girl to a cool badass. She learned from her mistakes and toughed up to save the girl she loves. Wow. I mean, wow. I admire her as much as I drool over her. She dedicated so, so much time of her life into saving the girl she came to love just because of her kindness and smiles. She's like my spirit animal, except that she's not, because I can't be as great as Homura, so instead she's my waifu. I do enjoy her more in her cold character, but then learning about her past just breaks your heart and you want to go back and be there for her *tears*.

Number 6
Tomoyo Daidouji
From Sakura Card Captors. She's the princess from my childhood. I always had my eyes on Sakura, until I grew up and rewatched the anime. Then I realized how amazing Tomoyo was. I mean, Sakura is my baby, but Tomoyo is... blessing. She loved and protected and looked after the happiness of the person she loved all her life, even being so young she was mature enough to understand every situation and feeling coming her way. She knew her love was unrequited, but she didn't care, all she wanted was to see that person special to her be happy. Wow. More wow. My poor waifu deserves more happiness for herself. I'll always love how gentle, understanding, dedicated and mature she is.

Number 5

Chisaki Hiradaira

She is my princess from a recent anime, Nagi no Asukara, or a Lull in the Sea. I adore her. That is not even enough to describe my waifu feelings for her. I adore her. Chisaki is a damn precious girl, young and as she grows up. She's too precious for my heart to handle. The blessing, godly animation courtesy of P. A. works may have a lot to do with it. Look how glossy, big, bright, shiny, amazing her blue eyes are. I can't. And the faces she makes when she's sad, or when she's shy or when she's embarrassed... and her precious tears *heart fluttering*. She's just too beautiful. I like with the messy side ponytail and blue eyes and this dark blue hair. I love her character design. You know when you find a new waifu and you feel like it was personally designed to suit your weeb taste? Yes, that's Chisaki for me. Her personality is actually so sweet as well, and honest. So honest and simple. Like Tsumugu says, she's like the ocean.

Number 4

Ritsu Tainaka

First of all, K-on is pretty much the reason why the concept of waifus exist. The k-on's are like, in every otaku's waifu list. Aren't they? Yeah, I'm proudly one of them. God, are they adorable! Seriously, all five of them (well, I don't like Azusa personally, but that's just me) are cute, simple girls starting their high school lives. Ritsu is my ultimate favorite k-on, though. No matter what. She's the tomboy, basically. I grew up having a thing for tomboy girls that like to make friends laugh and have a jolly time. I love those girls dammit. Her bangs pulled back, her sense of humor, her energy and loud happiness is just contagious. I need a Ritsu in my life to be complete. I need it. My hubby actually agrees with me, he's all in for the tomboy waifus (and tsunderes too). I know most of the time people choose Mugi-chan or Mio-chan above Ricchan, I mean being honest she is not the most popular K-on. But that is just even better for me, there is more Ritsu for me. 

Number 3
Asuka Soryu Langley

Boy oh boy, one of course had to come from the all-time anime classics, Evangelion. I am mad for Asuka. I feel her, identified with her, laughed with her, cried with her... everything. (This post is uncovering my hardcore anime fan so bad, god) She is my definition of a perfect tsundere. Not only is she cute, and cute when she gets grumpy and cute when she gets impatient and cute when she gets embarrassed and cute when she gets prideful, she is also strong like hell. She's a real softy inside her big heart she hides and she's really strong too. She sacrificed herself. She stepped up when needed. She has balls. Asuka is amazing *tears*. I only wish for her happiness, please, just be happy sweet baby.

Number 2 (Almost there!)

Haruhi Suzumiya

Typical? Classic? Expected? Overrated? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over Haruhi's loud goddess voice. I don't care how bad or annoying some find her to be, I'm all in and she is my definite number two. From The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, all the series, she's my favorite. I wish I could be like her. I look up to her. Haruhi is a literal goddess (not that she knows it or anything), she always has energy, will and motivation. Literally nothing stops her or discourages her. She is like the exact opposite of depression, she's medicine for anyone that is too scared or anxious or insecure to do what they want and chase their goals. She's strong like no girl and she even has a sense of humor and a romantic side to her. Her motivation and energy is contagious, she drags people along and draws them in. I don't know about you, but I want to be best friends (and maybe lesbians) with someone like that. God oh lord. *long dreamy sigh* Thank you, Haruhi for being such a godly pain in the ass and moving everyone around you. Her ponytail too. That is the perfect ponytail. Haruhi and Kyon-kun are probably my top OTP, because I want her happy.

And finally, my Number 1

Chitoge Kirisaki

I didn't even know what Nisekoi (the anime my waifu belongs to) was two months ago. It's something that I only got into very recently. And she, besides the parody, is why I immediately loved the series so much. There are so many great characters in this list, but Chitoge had to be my number 1 for a reason... And this is why I mentioned before that new feelings confuse you and fade out the past feelings, new love replaces old love. Something cheesy like that. I mean, I have had a list of waifus for a long, long time and no one had climbed up that long, long list so fast as her. Jesus. Where do I begin? She's so clueless and innocent. She's so pure at heart and tough on the outside, She's such a tsundere. But she melts so fast. She cares about everyone around her. She didn't know how to make friends and made a damn list of notes to get along with her new classmates. Let me repeat that, she even made a list of notes to get along with her new classmates because she was just that sweet, innocent and dedicated to making friends. And scared. She's so amazing. She laughs. She is actually really nice to other girls. She's not a jealous or greedy person. She shares with everyone. Something as simple as being with friends makes her happy. She gets sad by what her close group of people say about her. She jokes. She is insanely smart. She gives the love of her life weird, insulting, funny nicknames. She is a princess. She is insanely rich and it doesn't even matter to her. She only ever wanted to have friends, be normal and have a mother. She loved her mother even if she didn't see her all her life, or almost. She wore the same bow her mom gave her when she was a little kid for the attachment. She has such a big heart. She has long hair. She has the truest, big smile. She is the definition of a perfect, funny waifu. You know, not the boring poo (sorry,  I meant diarrhea) of a kuudere or dandere. Egh~ Yamato Nadeshiko perfect quiet obedient lady ojou-sama Onodera type. Ew. She is perfect (for me, okay, let me be happy with her).


I love waifus that bring you life and sunshine and laughter and tomboyish tsundere energy. Also, precious babies that need someone to protect them from the horrible world they were put in. Yep, that's it titties. Thanks for reading!!~ Do a top waifus list too, it's fun ^-^


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  1. I absolutely love these waifus tags everyone is doing, I'm going to give one a go too! I completely agree with Haruhi, she's the best of the best! <3

    Minae ♥ Minaekei

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