How to get ready in minus 5 minutes!

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Countdown; minus 5 minutes

If you don't care enough, which often tends to be my case, it works and yes, it is possible. First of all, if you're the type of person that cares a big whole lot, there's no way you're going to be, ever, running late. Because that just doesn't go with your personality, you'll have the alarm set in time and be right on the dot. Unless there's an emergency, like running to the Veterinarian, in which case you don't even need to get ready, run bra-less out into the car, it's an emergency! No one will judge you. 

Well, back to the point, if you're running late, like if the alarm wasn't enough to wake you up, or somehow you forgot you had to run some errands at a certain time, for situations like that... I have a way! It ends up being the way I get ready more often than not. For example, damn it I forgot there's no cat food! Or damn I forgot the cheese for the quesadillas! There can't be quesadillas with no cheese. So what do you do? 
Grey Knotted Crop T-ShirtLight Blue Ripped Pockets Denim Shorts

Okay baby, here we go. Scan your room in a flash with your feminine skills. Spot clothes. Clothes. Yesterday's clothes? Just cleaned laundry? That t-shirt that goes with anything? Get them, throw them on. I tend to go for a flowy top with cute denim shorts. It can't really get much easier than that. Or just throw on a cami top with a cardigan and your favorite pair of shorts. Avoid pants, leggings, jeans... Putting those on takes a little longer than a pair of shorts or a skirt. And here, every second counts. 

That's the first step, but of course, that's only assuming you were wearing the good old PJs, otherwise just skip that step. For example, if you're an alien that wears decent clothes around the house on a stay-home day. I admire you!

Second step, grab that bloody hair brush that hurts every time you use it and pull to get a high ponytail. Yeah, I find that to be the best choice for hairstyle on a rush. No matter how bad it turns out or how messy and tangled your hair looks, with a high ponytail you can pull it off. Who doesn't adore those messy ponytails? If your hair is greasy, though, and I wouldn't blame you, try a quick messy bun. Good, we're ready here.

Third step, get that beautiful BB cream you like to use, or a light foundation, basically anything you use on a daily basis for going out and smoothing out your skin. We don't have no time to do full face makeup, but you don't want to look dead either, so dab that BB cream under your eyes. Use your clean fingertips and do it gently but quickly. We're using it as a sort of concealer because healing away those marks around the eyes and nose makes a world difference. Another thing, if your eyebrows bug you, well you probably don't have enough time to fill them in, but get a clear brow gel and stick those little devils in place. Done.

Little tip, always have a good fragrance antibacterial near you. Use a drop to clean your fingers before the makeup and use some more drops behind your ears and wrists. It works just like perfume, except that it doesn't smell like a fancy lady, it smells like a busy lady that is fresh out of the shower, or at the very least, clean and sweet.

Fourth step, grab your everyday, every hour, chap-stick, lip smacker, whatever you like to use on your lippies. Put it on and follow it with a creamy red lipstick. No, don't put on the red lipstick just like that, otherwise the carefree youth look we're going for is going to be off. Use again your clean fingertip and dab it on the lipstick. Now dab that on the center of your lips. With all the moist from the chap-stick and the warmth of your fingers, the color is going to melt right in. Dab it quickly, a second or two is all that is needed. Now just adjust the lip stain you created with your own two lips, like kissing yourself. 

Another tip, or rather, optional step, if you feel uncomfortable with how pale you look, use some of that lipstick stain you have on your fingertip and dab it onto your cheeks. Blend it away with two fingertips in circular motion. It really works better than blush. 

Fifth step, get a hold of your casual, always nearby, messenger bag, cross-body bag or big wallet. Whatever your choice usually is. For me, if I don't need anything besides phone and money I just get my wallet and leave, but if you are running more than one errand or you're actually going somewhere or doing something, get a cross-body bag. Open that little shit and throw in your phone, wallet, change (if you have any), cards, antibacterial, chap-stick, pocket mirror, keys, BB cream. Basics, really, and maybe a  mini preventive kit (such as hairbands, concealer and the mirror).

Don't forget your sunglasses! If it's a sunny day, cute sunglasses make you look so much nicer (you know because they cover our tired eyes and whatnot). Who knows maybe you already have your daily bag ready to go. 

Last tip, grab by impulse a hair accessory that you can throw on your bag on the way out of the house. You can put it on once you're inside the car. A hair-bow, a headband, a cute scrunchie to put over your ponytail. Anything will be cuter than nothing.

Final step, put on those comfy go-to shoesies. Loafers? I personally don't like them but they're useful and good for these situations. Maybe pop on your sneakers or sandals of choice. For me, it's flats. The easy black flats that go with anything.

You're ready, run to the door and go do what you have to go do~
Easy, breezy, and never late
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I had fun writing this post! I'm being honest and a little funny here, but that ready do works for running late ^^

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