Green mint sailor + kitten purse ✿ ft. Cuteharajuku shop

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Pretty Pink Little bow divider by Glycyrrhizicacid
Outfit rundown
Green sailor dress & belt. discount: gasaii
Flower rings. discount: strawberry

Asian trends storenvy shop
Discount code: "gasaii"

Alrighty~ The dress is just as lovely as it looks. I thought the fabric would be a common cotton blend, however it's more of a chiffon/polyester blend. It wrinkles easily yes, but it irons even more easily. The fabric is light and quite flowy, not sheer though, since it comes with underlining for good coverage. The belt it comes with is not the same one I'm wearing, but don't worry, there's nothing wrong with the belt itself, it is only that it didn't have enough holes for me and I didn't have time to poke one myself. The sailor collar is adorable. I personally enjoy having a sailor themed piece that isn't the typical navy blue and white color combo. Ah, and the pearly buttons are just so sweet. The dress was a little big for me, or rather, a little loose but that's what the belt is for. you can let the skirt fall down and flow or you can wear it with a petticoat underneath. I personally like it both ways, it all depends on what structure you want the dress to have, but both can work. Another thing, the dress is actually available in three colors, so you can take a look because I know not everyone is going to be attracted to a pale green. It's cool, they have navy blue and white too. I like the dress' length the most. Honestly, most of my dresses are pretty short, either because I'm slightly tall or because they're meant to be short, but short dresses can be uncomfortable or you have to be careful with it, wear safety shorts or something. But! this dress is average knee-length, a little above the knee for me (I'm 5'5) but it's a longer dress than the average which makes it all the more comfortable. Overall I find this a nice one-piece for cute but casual days. Very comfortable to wear, affordable, stand-out, cute... Ahh, that's just it. It's cute. And worth it, if you like sailor dresses.

Pretty Pink Little bow divider by Glycyrrhizicacid

This piece is so perfect. The material feels good and you can clean it with baby wipes without problem. The room and size is pretty good. Average really, you could fit pocket books, wallet, phone, coin purse and some makeup. The quality is good. The eyes are embroidery and the bow is sewn in, so I don't think either could get easily damaged. The inner lining is a cute light gold fabric and the purse has inner pockets. It's an adorable shoulder bag, with cat ears and everything. I had been wanting a white purse, because it matches most of my colors, and this was my choice. It's definitely worth the price, for uniqueness and value.

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