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Yo~ I have a new monthly subscription to share~ There are different "Kawaii" subscription boxes and packages you can find nowadays, they all send you random cute little things from Japan or Korea. But this one, this one in particular I like best. Cutify Pack is meant to precisely cutify your belongings. Each month there will be a theme, for the items that will be in every package. For example, stationery back to school items or cute kitchen items. This July's pack is for cute traveling. That is the first theme for the Cutify Pack. This is a new monthly subscription, created by the owner of one of my favorite Asian trend store, Yumart. For $19 a month, you will get every month a package with 5 to 6 items revolving around the theme for the month. All the items will be, of course, kawaii and originated from either Japan, Korea or Taiwan. The best thing about this pack is that everything the creator includes will actually be useful, have some sense or meaning and form a "kit" with the other items of the pack. Also, the shipping is free no matter what~ Cutify Pack has this cute website, so do please take a look, I have so much trust for the creator, Eva. I've known her for almost two years and she is always punctual, professional and a sweetheart. Take a minute or two to visit her main store as well, Yumart. The clothes never fail on the quality or cuteness departments. And I have a discount~ just enter "gasaii" at checkout. 

click on the logo!~
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Anyway, without more blablabla, let me show you what this July 2015 package includes!

This is what the package will look like in your mailbox, so you can instantly tell, "oh, hey! my cute stuff is here".  

Inside you'll find something like this, that sticky is adorable.

And this card, it will list the items and explain the month's theme~
Then, you get to the juicy goods.

First and best item, in my opinion. The colors and designs can vary and be random. I feel really lucky that I got the pink one! This is a long pouch where you can fit pens, pencils, passports, notes, sticky notes, phone, gum, what have you~

It's silky smooth and glossy, to clean simply wipe with wet wipes. EZ

Then there's a Rilakkuma earphone holder, you can wrap your headphones around it so they don't get tangled. To match, there's a cute little Rilakkuma notebook. Again, the colors can vary!

Now it's another of my favorites, a 6 in 1 pen. Yes it has 6 colors, I've loved these since middle school, they help keep notes organized and pretty. Also, a San-X tag that you easily attach to say, your luggage, your school backpack, anything you like. You can get any character from San-X and I got this cutie from Sentimental Circus. Again, so much luck in my package~ 

And, obviously I hadn't filled my personal information in the back. The sticky is removable and replaceable, so really, you can use the tag as a cute keychain if you want, or as tag.

It does it's job, it's honest, here are 5 cute and useful items, what do you think?

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Cutify Pack website

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  1. These items aren't from Japan, Hong Kong or Taiwan. They are usually from mainland China.