3 looks, 3 styles, 1 skort ❀ ft. Tedisu shop

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Cute shop with clearance!
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First look

The summer look. Summer vibes, summer aura. Put it simply, a fresh easy outfit with tons of skin. Shorts are what you would commonly find in this type of retro style, but why not a cute skort. Half shorts, half skirt. I tend to like skirts better because of the flattering A-shape. I happily put this coordinate together thinking of Darling, the summer hit song of Girl's Day. You can tell me if you see it too or not~

Animated Bubble Tea Divider [F2U] by raru-tan
Second look

The casual daily dolly outfit. My usual toned-down himekaji, or rather, kawaii in moderation. Lots of bows, but each in their proper place and size. Very cute and girly, lace or crochet is a must. The skort fits perfectly for a sweet but mature coordinate. Picture it being pink, for example. That with the already intricately girly blouse would stand out and be a definite casual princess look, but the skort being navy blue gives the outfit a nice balance. Besides, navy blue is the color for sailor inspired outfits, who doesn't love them? (maybe I do too much)

Animated Bubble Tea Divider [F2U] by raru-tan
Third look

Of course there had to be a school girl look. It's my guilty fashion pleasure. Preppy, classy, playful school uniform. Usually there's two main roads for creating school girl coordinates. One, following the Japanese anime girl way, with plaid skirts and big bow-ties. Two, following the Western preppy fashion, like Gossip Girl, ribbon ties, high-waisted skirts, coats and jackets. I'm standing somewhat in the middle and I like how it looks. The shirt can be tucked in, or not. The socks can be as long or as short as you like. And you can button or unbutton as many buttons as you wish~

Lace Border by socksyy
Lastly, let me put my word in about Tedisu! The storenvy shop. The skirt I received was a perfect live version of the images on site. The material is a cotton mix, thick and opaque and even a little heavy, which is good for matters of volume and shape. The bloomer shorts underneath are cute and convenient, better than safety shorts. They have an elastic that is barely noticeable. The bow it comes with is detachable with a pin, as you can see you can wear the skort as you please. The waist band is very stretchy as well, tight but stretchy. The store has it available in two colors, so make sure to check them! The second color is a deep wine red, which I would love and wear just as much. Tedisu has quick service and free shipping on some items. And like I mentioned before, they're having a big clearance due to closure, so it's a great chance to get cute things on sale.

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