3 simple, K-fashion inspired looks ft. Romwe

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Bow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyy

.:milk:. by sheike
Look no. 1
Bow Divider Purple by UndeadZombiie
Outfit rundown
Choker from Brandedkitty
Lace crop top from Charlotte Russe
Lace oxfords from Payless

Lots of bun pictures, can't say I didn't have fun. The funniest part was the look of my neighbor when he saw a girl awkwardly holding the camera right in the butt, but hey, I'm 21 and why not? Love your butt whatever size or shape it is. Play with the right camera angles, makes everything more yummy. The coordinate is quite simple and great for hot days like these. Cute off-shoulders crop top with cute high waisted denim shorts. Very easy. I took the idea from the Lolita movie, if need be honest. The denim fabric for the shorts is amazing. Comfortable. Thick. Dark denim (the best, in my opinion). I wish the shorts were a centimeter higher to cover my belly button fully, but perhaps it will work with other body lengths. I have to say, the short cut in the back of the shorts is not my thing, I like my shorts under the butt not halfway or even 90% through. They're cute though, and sexy. And, in trend, just take a look at American Apparel shorts, are there any shorts in this world that cover the butt thoroughly anymore? Maybe I'm just old-school and shy. Nevermind that, the denim is flawless and I would never regret picking them from the store.

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Look no. 2 
Bow Divider Purple by UndeadZombiie
Outfit rundown
Bow from Sweetheart bows

A top that reads "babygirl", how could I not? It's adorable, minimalistic and could easily be loungewear. I'm always all in for turtlenecks and the eternal somehow sophisticated air about them.
White is my color, I like how it contrasts with sun-kissed skin and how clean it is. Long sleeve is classy, you can wear a top like this with your shortest pair of shorts and get a balanced look. I love how it's a crop top, you can tie it up to show skin or let it loose and comfy. The cotton fabric is soft and comfy and I'd get as many variations of this top as there could possibly be. Love it.

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Look no. 3
Bow Divider Purple by UndeadZombiie
Outfit rundown
Pink bow from Sweetheart bows
Knee socks from F21

Again, very simple and cute. I added the knee socks because I like how a plain pair of those looks with a plain pair of sneakers. Brilliant, easy and really cheap. Better shoes could be worn with this coordinate, but my point was keeping it simple and easy. I have to get my hands on a new pair of basic sneakers, since mine are too old and worn, but many would do. The skirt has a 70s vibe about it that I can't get enough of. The bubblegum shade of pink is right on point to feel like a modern Barbie princess, which is why I paired it with my Barbie sweatshirt. That easy. The pockets are real! And useful. It zips on the side with a thin, almost invisible pink zipper. I do think the skirt would be cuter if it were shorter and a little tighter, nevertheless, it is undeniably adorable.

Bow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyyBow with Jewels by socksyy
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