Lo-lee-ta ✿ Spree Picky coordinate & review

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Outfit Rundown
Lace bow headband from Taobao
Doll blouse from Spree Picky, discount: gasaii
Plaid jumper skirt from Spree Picky, discount: gasaii
Lace bloomers from Sheinside
Ankle socks from eBay
Double strap shoes from Taobao
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kawaii fashion online
discount code for 10% off at checkout: gasaii 

Before anything, I want to say that this is, in fact, no "lolita" coordinate. Lolita as in the Japanese fashion branch of petticoats, blouses and puffiness. The jumper skirt I'm wearing happens to read 'lolita' but it's merely there for aesthetics. Accessorizing. The way you would wear a shirt that reads 'witch' or 'bitch' or what have you? But you're no actual witch, or bitch (or maybe just a little~). In all seriousness, though, the outfit is inspired, perhaps, in the Japanese lolita fashion but it's not part of it. Also, 'lolita' happens to be a popular wordreference for the beautiful novel, Lolita by Nabokov, but that doesn't mean the pretty plaid skirt is made to pin-point underage girls that are being wrongly, awfully, sexualized. So let's take it as it is, a pretty word, a controversial word, a cute word, a nickname for a common Spanish name. and I quite like the capital L, to be honest~ As for the blouse, it could actually be part of a Lolita outfit, for it's quality and girly detail, it simply depends how you decide to wear it.
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The jumper skirt is amazing. Tres bien. Magnifique~ It's awfully comfortable and it screams quality, whatever angle you look at it from. Here's the simple reason why I was so attracted to it, the plaid pattern. You guys know I like school girl inspired outfits. Very much. And I liked Gossip Girl, back in its time. And plaids and tartan prints are just, irresistible. Especially for skirts. I love the combination of deep greens and blues in the pattern. And the dark, nearly black, main color. Then there's the adorable heart cut out. It could have been another suspender skirt but instead it has this frilly heart with embroidered letters. And of a beautiful font too. The cuteness doesn't even end there, my favorite thing are the straps. The ribbon ties. You can make little bows on your shoulders, or tie it in simple knots so the ribbons fall on your arms. It's comfortable. The back is stretchy to adjust for different sizes.
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And the blouse, well I like it just as much. The fabric isn't cheap chiffon or simple cotton, but a mixture of polyester and cottons. Good quality. Good fabric. Soft to the touch, opaque, light, comfortable. Some blouses are quite a pain to wear, uncomfortable fabrics and awkward long sleeves, but not this one. The collared neckline is adorable. Perhaps too much for some, but that depends on your taste. It's doll-like, girly, lolita-esque, sweet. The collar has some decorative embroidery, Alice in Wonderland motifs. And it comes with a removable white tie made of the same material as the blouse. You can make a bowtie with it. It also comes with an extra button, in case you lose one. If you want a high quality doll blouse this is the best way to go.

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