Two easy, effortless, elegant looks.

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First outfit; playing the classic "lace is always pretty" card, and it is. What's more elegant and alluringly pure than a full white dress, accentuating the delicate beauty of feminine lace. And what's more strikingly formal than a closed neckline with no sight of bare skin? The sleeves add a nice Autumn air, being long and all. Best thing is having the sleeves being sheer and adding that very old school cinch at the wrist. The dress itself is comfortable and lenient, the shape is a little of a babydoll A dress, I added the black ribbon to give me more shape and have a contrasting accessory to match the shoes. Although, if I had had any, I would have used a powder pink or blue for the ribbon. The dress is gorgeous on its own, with the floral lacing and all, so there's no real need for jewelry or accessories. However, I did want to bring attention to my hairstyle so I added long, pretty earrings. I forgot to take a close-up look for the jewelry, but my description will have to do. The earrings have a large white pearl with hanging gold (the fake kind~) mermaid shells and a crystal clear teardrop bead. Yes, I'm very much in love with them (from Taobao, if you wonder ^^). For shoes, I'm going for my already well-known dolly T-straps. Black patent and simple. As for the hair, long, wavy, mermaid locks would have been adorable but I cut my hair recently and rather than wearing it medium and clashing with the detailing at the collar I decided to put it up in a messy bun, leaving the shortests pieces free by my bangs. I loved this classic look and enjoyed how much it reminded me of Blair Waldorf, do you see it too?

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Second look; the little black dress with a big vintage twist. I do like the sexy little black dresses with a nice pair of pumps but that isn't my style as much as this girly, conservative black dress is. Long sleeves again, for not even the sun shall see your fair skin~ White patterned stockings, to keep your pretty legs protected and to contrast with the black fabric. The tights are from Sandy's Shop and you can always use my discount code at checkout to get 10% off the total order, "strawberry". They have lovely tights for affordable prices. A ribbon around the neck, like a doll dress, along with a large contrasting collar. Again, like a beautiful doll dress. Matching cuffs with the collar, classy and frilly, thus adorable. I'm wearing my classic t-strap shoes once again. They might be predictable but still ageless; timeless. This dress, as the previous one, requires no extra accessorizing, it does the job well on its own. But you could add a small golden necklace, if you'd like. Now, my hair is dark so it wouldn't usually contrast with a black dress. However, this one has a large portion of white around the shoulders, giving me space for my hair to sit nicely. Curls do go well with doll-like clothes. I still wanted a bun, so I tried adding a little something (maybe it didn't work, you can be my judge~) with a half bun and a creamy white bow under. The dress is made of light sweater fabric, so it can and will keep you warm in windy or chilly days. Layered with a coat for Winter would also be adorable. I honestly loved this dress as much as the first, and if I had to pick a favorite I would need to sit down and think for a good amount of time. 

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Lastly, two selfies. Sorry I'm just at that stage where I actually like what I look like, specially my current hairstyle. What do you think?~ By the way, check out Sheinside, where I got the first dress, they're having a sale up to 80% off! And Romwe, where I found the second dress! They have free shipping and buy one get one 60% off promotions~

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