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Yo~ How did Valentine's day go? My husband got me a boyfriend hoodie and it's so comfy I'm wearing it all day, even now as I type. We kept it simple and went for a nice walk and got some ice cream. I hope your weekend was nice too ^^ I'm here to review a pink maid from Circusdoll, a shop from storenvy ran by the lovely Eikkibunny and Ghoullpatrol, also known as Ri and Ethan~ They're both amazing people that do cosplays. Ri has a lovely fashion sense to match their adorable personality, you should check them out and look at their blog~ As for the store, it's filled with good quality fashion & cosplay wigs, seifukus (school uniforms) maid outfits, tights & stockings and full cosplays. Plus, you can use my discount code to get 10% off your whole order.
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Discount code: gasaii
enter at checkout for 10% off your order

This is what the maid dress looks like, it includes the pink dress with tulle underneath, the white apron and the pink lace headband. Now there's some other close-up pictures I took in my sister's room~

It's adorable, isn't it? I would gladly wear this to a con if I were to go to any >.<

Okay, so the outfit is pretty and comfortable to wear. It has good lace detailing on the sleeves and bust with a pink long ribbon to tie a bow. The dress has a thin zipper in the back so it's easy to get in and out and it's also not really noticeable. The apron ties around the waist with a velcro, that way the bow in the back is permanently in perfect shape. Both pieces are made of a mix of polyester and cotton, it's a piece of cake to iron and keep in good shape. Washing is also simple, simply keep the cycle in delicates. Under the skirt, for the pink dress, there's a thin layer of tulle that gives the outfit that A shape, however you may want to add a petticoat underneath for more volume, like I did. I paired the maid cosplay with my white knee high socks from Lovetokki (I have a discount code for it too, it's strawberry) and black lolita shoes from taobao. This pink maid outfit is out of stock at the moment but Circusdoll does carry another maid cosplay model, it's pastel and just as cute. You can find it by clicking here. The price is reasonable and affordable, $26 USD for the dress and apron. They also carry a pair of cute black shoes like mine, you can find them here. Oh, and of course, the store has great customer service. Trust me, the owners are darlings and will answer to all your questions and issues. ^^

Bow Divider Pink by UndeadZombiie
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  1. Such a cute little dress! The stockings really dress it up that much more ^_^ It fits you really nicely.


  2. adorable

  3. I love maid costumes <3
    It suits you so well!