10 things to gift yourself for Valentine's Day ♡

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The big Valentine's Day is right around the corner and whether you have a lover or not you can enjoy the day and use it as a sweet excuse to treat yourself. You know I'm a married person, but before I met my now husband, I was pretty much single most of the time. And you know what? It doesn't matter. Be it you have a special someone taking you out somewhere nice or giving you a heart-shaped box of chocolates, or you have only your girl friends who you'll be partying with or you have no one but yourself (maybe your cat) this 14th of the month, you can and should gift yourself. Why? because you love yourself. If you don't, you should. I'm going to treat myself to my favorite dessert, you can also go something like that or step it a little up and take a look at my top 10 list~

10. A new collection of lip colors from your favorite Korean makeup brand, you can buy Asian makeup brands from Memebox, the shipping is really fast and the prices are affordable. Dressing up your smooth lips and trying different scents and flavored lipsticks to then take pictures or leave kiss marks on napkins is one of those fun little things girls can do. You can also add lip scrubs or chapsticks.

9. The special collectors edition of that book you wanted so much. If you're one of those that like to read (like me) I'm sure you have a mental wish list of books to-read and I'm sure there's one you're a big fan of that just came out in special hardcover edition that you'll love to see in your shelves.

8. An item from that Japanese brand you saw selling or out for auction. Maybe you're into lolita fashion and you saw that second-handed brand dress you wanted, or you saw a necklace from Katie, or a pretty skirt you really wanted is on sale on Taobao.

7. A gorgeous little dress that will make you feel grand. It can be the little black dress oh so daring or the fancy velvet dress for a night out. This store is my first option for finding a unique dress.

6. That special edition Sailor Moon merchandise you saw online. Doesn't have to be Sailor Moon, but you get the point. Animu is life.

5. A magical, beautiful, unique music / jewelry box to adorn your room. I happen to see one on eBay, gorgeous little wooden thing. A Totoro music box from Studios Ghibli collection. Maybe a ballerina music box, mirrored on the inside, stunning.

4. A sexy accessory from Creppyyeha's collection. Or not Creepyyeha, but a garter with lace and roses or a choker that makes you feel badass and look adorable. You can also find imitation models on eBay, cheaper. Not all of us have the money for those.

3. Victoria's Secret lingerie, do I need say more. You can wait for a sale, put some money on the side and wait. Or you can go for it, a pink striped bra you loved, a nightgown, some panties, anything.

2. Beauty & bath kit for you to take a soothing, princess-like day off in your bathtub. Get the flavors you like, the colors you love and have a lovely bubble bath followed by some strawberry and mango body lotion.

1. The cute, irresistible big fluffy alpaca that you absolutely don't need but you absolutely want. We all love stuffed animals. Your pet will love it too. They'll make your room look cuter and your bed look comfier and they'll keep you company in every lonely night. Any big, fluffy stuffed animal, in pastels and everything can be easily found & bought here, at Tokyo Otaku Mode. Make your order following my link or my invite code (45b9d8) and you get $5.00 off your orders!~

Whatever you decide to do, if you plans or boyfriends, girlfriends or none, I hope you have a good day tomorrow, February the 14th. You can also check the blog post I made for movies to watch on Valentine's Day for a movie night. They're all amazing, I promise~

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  1. Hey there ^.^
    Adorable blog and very awesome post.
    Looking forward to Valentines day.
    All the things you listed would make perfect gifts.
    I love treating myself to underwear.

    A Kawaii Blogger at Pastel Dreams And Rainbow Skies

  2. This post has so much truth to it, I feel like we all need to just treat ourselves a little more. Definitely going to be saving up for more cute things from now on!

    Minae ^.^ minaekei.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Omg but where did you find that super cute bra that says baby doll?
    I've been looking for comfy bras like that!

  4. This is such a cute blog post! Number 6 sounds like a great idea...