Movie Night on Valentine's Day, for those tired of Titanic

7:37 PM

I know, tired of Titanic, who gets tired of Titanic? (mostly the boys) but really, there's so many movies out there, we don't have to limit ourselves to Titanic or The Notebook for Valentine's Day. Yes, these are timeless movies, but getting creative is more entertaining more often than not. So, I haven't done anything to be allowed to consider myself a movie expert and still, I consider myself a movie expert. My partner and I spend a generous amount of life energy in movies, hunting for gems and rating as we go. Yes, I did watch all the 2014 movies that were nominated and have my own strong opinions over who should be winning what Oscar. Anyway, for Valentine's Day if you have nothing planned you can always go for a movie night. Or maybe you do have something planned and it happens to be a movie night. It's not a bad thing, those can turn out pretty fun if done properly. You know? Download the movie in high definition or go rent the DVDs, prepare your snacks, some popcorn, maybe candy, easy to eat dinner (so you don't miss a good scene), etc. It's probably what my partner and I will be doing (with some good old pizza. Extra cheese). Here, I've thought of different kinds of movies that could be good for you and your friends or your loved one or your cat (all are fine~) depending on the genre you're looking for.

First kind, the scary ones. Eerie, creepy, goosebumps all over your skin. Movies to cuddle up and get things going- This is the kind of movie I use to love watching with my date so we get scared together, for the fun of it and to create the atmosphere. The first option would be The Conjuring. Have you ever seen it? If you haven't, it's perfect for the genre. I'm afraid to say the movies, as good as they are, won't have the same effect on you if they're the scary kind and you have watched them already. If they're new, it's all good. Next up, The Blair Witch Project. Honestly, if that movie doesn't scare you I don't know what does. Perhaps your mother in law, but seriously, that one is great for its genre too and a classic. We have another movie, it's not a horror movie at all, but it's eerie on its own way. There's as much romance as there is mystery. Probably the one movie that will make your heart ache without boring to sleep your boyfriend. The Illusionist. One of my top 3 movies ever. Give it a try if you haven't seen it yet.

Second kind, the stupid, crazy love kind of movies. Yeah that's a movie, oh wait it was actually Crazy, Stupid Love. It's a simple movie that you'll laugh at and enjoy with girlfriends or pretty much anyone. Entertaining is the main characteristic. You will not get bored and you can still talk, joke, eat as much as you want without getting lost in the movie. This type of movie allows you to distract yourself while keeping track of what's going on in the screen. Crazy, Stupid Love is a good one because you have a great cast (ladies, Ryan Gosling is in it) and a funny plot. Next one would be 500 Days of Summer. Now, you've probably seen this one already but it's the type of movie you can watch a few times and it's still good. Fresh. Besides, who doesn't like some JGL? What a man. If you've seen it you'll remember this joke. "She literally took a shit on my face!" Third option if you're not convinced yet (hey I'm not trying to sell you something here, movies are free~ if you know what I mean), 50/50. Yes this one stars JGL once again, does it matter? He's a charming one. The movie doesn't have much love, but it has drama and comedy. It's truly good. Very refreshing, lovely and deep. Perfect if you're feeling lonely rather than feeling like crying alone (to the Titanic, again).

Here's the third kind of movie, the heart-breaking, soul-ripping, my-god-why-did-i-do-this-to-myself kind of movie. I love this kind. There, I'm biased towards this kind. I love when movies break my heart. Yes, Hollywood, break it, please. Throw it away, flush it down the public toilet, destroy it, leave me sore. Please. I think you get it now. This is the first movie for the genre, The Painted Veil. I hope you have not seen this yet, because the effect loses it's strenght with heart-breaking stories (as well) if you know what is about to happen. Please don't do what some people I know do and spoil it yourself. Don't. Don't do that. A big part of the movie experience is not knowing what's going to happen. Unexpected twists, unexpected endings. The Painted Veil was beautiful, this is all I'll say. Second one, Atonement. Who's in it? You'll love it, it's Keira Knightley with James McAvoy. Is that hot or what? The movie is brilliance, just convince your boyfriend to sit down with you and watch it. Here's a tip on convincing him, say "you get to see wet and naked Keira Knightley". Yup, you got his attention now. And it's not really a lie. Although, if seeing naked Keira is all you guys are interested in, you might want to check out Dangerous Method (I'm not recommending it, I'm just saying... the woman gets spanked on screen and everything). Next one, 3 Meters Above the Sky. This is a Spanish movie, a romance/drama. Hot male lead, pretty female lead. I liked watching this movie with my boyfriend because it was so different from the usual love story. It's worth more than a try. Fourth movie (we're almost there), it might not be for everyone, and by everyone I mean straight boys, but it's amazing. The movie is everything it's supposed to be and best of its kind. Brokeback Mountain. Watch it, I'm telling you. It will hurt. Finally, the last movie came out in 2014 and it's been nominated over and over. The Theory of Everything. Based on a true story, giving you true tears with true pain and true romance. 

So what are you watching this February 14th? 

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