Kaoru Hasegawa, bite pieces of the sky.

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Kaoru Hasegawa
Bow Divider Blue by UndeadZombiie
"I am an artist of Acrylic & Oil-style painting. I am Create of “MATTARI” works of canvas with oil paint and acrylic."
Mini Teapot + Teacups Divider by UsagiPinku

This is going to be some serious pastel porn, or rather, art porn. Scroll and glorify your eyes, s'il vous plaît ~
Here's all the post cards in one picture. Beautiful. Some doubles to give away.
These pretty little things are actually their business cards, they include one with each packet you purchase. The cards are so pretty and sturdy I ended up using them as decorations and bookmarks. These make great bookmarks.
Special thanks to my old lace dress always serving its purpose to be my one and only background~
There's about the eyes that captivate me for hours. This doll is called "Small Spring", I can imagine how sweet the name sounds in Japanese, Chisaii Haru maybe~
"Cute Spring" (Kawaii Haru? ~)
"Slow Spring"
The postcards could be the perfect wall artwork in your room. Mix and match them, then stick them with some safe tape or deco tape, your wall won't even know they were there if you decide to remove the artwork someday. By the way, we've got here the Gentle, Slow, Cute and Small Spring dolls.
Yes, these postcards don't just look pretty on one side, they all have cute patterns on the other.
I want her tapioca badly, truly. 
Ah, this is how the postcards look when you take them out of the package (and from the back).
This, for example, is the Gentle Spring pack. It includes the mini (bookmark) version, the pin and the postcard. Really worth its inexpensive price.
This was postcard set "A", where you can get four different postcards (no pins or mini cards) for only $8 bucks. 
My irresistible Tapioca now 2.0 pack
The pretty girl in seifuku is my "April" pack.
New pins! If I was still at school I'd pin them to my backpack.
She's my favorite
Nevermind, it's her. I think.
Good quality pins, you can deduce this by looking at how good the back looks. And that's all for the pictures. 

Pink Cloud Divider by UndeadZombiie

What do you think? I'm honestly 100% unbiased about this review. Not that I'm ever lying, but this artist blows my mind. Their works are simple, nothing overdramatizing or overcomplicated. No oversaturated colors, yet everything is so colorful and fluffy. The dolls are beautiful. Their eyes are large like mystical marbles and their lips are tiny, delicate. Proper features for dolls. They all have an air of innocence and this is probably my favorite thing about Kaoru's style. The innocence of it is so... untouchable. I really think each artwork's color palette was a genius choice. The postcards could be decorating a baby girl's room or your room, or my room. They could make your pen pals really happy or dress up your desk area with pastels and beauty. The prices are so affordable that there's not even a question of "can I afford this artist?" Sure you can. The badges, or pins, are only $3.50, then a set of 4 postcards are only $8.00 and these are not simple postcards. They're pieces of art, actual art you can buy for only a couple dollars. Amazing. The artist, Kaoru Hasegawa, has been following me for a while and I'm really happy I was going through followers on twitter, otherwise I would have not found this little piece of the sky. I truly think this artist has outstanding potential. 

Kaname Madoka [FREE ICON] by Neko-Slay
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  1. I absolutely adore her artwork! My goal is to own some of her pins one day so I can display it on my book bag *O*

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥ New Post! ♥

  2. This art is amazing! I love pastel colours since they express a kind of pure and light-hearted feeling. These works are pretty amazing and the artist has done a great job <3
    perfect :) I'll definitely support hasegawa-san in future

  3. I own some of her artwork too! It's so beautiful.