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Outfit Rundown
discount: gasaii
The pictures are from a couple weeks ago, so this is my old haircut, no bangs yet u.u
I do miss my long curly hair, a little.
Are you tired of the backyard as my background? oops ^^
The bow is velvet and originally part of a headband, but you can wear it both ways.
Shiny, t-straps, the basis of doll shoes.

Retail price: $22.50
White & black
Quality: 4.5/5

I'm sure you guys know I love lace. I'm all over it. Lace is my thing. Pretty, feminine, doll-like and vintage. Every new lace blouse from Sheinside goes on my wish-list. So I'm crazy for this top, the conservative air of it with that collared neckline and long sleeves, the lace pattern in it, the tiny vintage pin (it could have been nicer or bigger, but at least it's there, and if you happen to collect vintage pins, you can wear that instead~) and the pure color white, of course. The stock image shows a lace blouse with nothing but lace for sleeves, meaning, sheer sleeves. However, it does come with full lining, and a quite thick one. The inside of the top feels like fleece, except that it's not that thick. It's very comfy to wear and warm for chilly days. It's a small disadvantage that it's so soft and fluffy inside, because I don't think you could wear this in Summer. Oh well~ if you don't live somewhere like Florida (like I do) you get to wear this shirt for 50% of the year. Obviously, it will be icky to wash this, I'd say gentle cycle inside out or even better, hand wash cold. Anyway, all said and done, it's a beautiful thing to have with you. You don't just have to wear it in an "eccentric" way, you could also pair it with high waisted black shorts and closed pumps. Perhaps matching it with a lolita winter coordinate. Or like me, with your cutest skirts and frilly socks.

A little last thing, thank you for following me and checking my posts!
Means a lot
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