Brandedkitty Lookbook no. 3

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Adorable, high quality Asian fashion

Lookbook no. 1 and no. 2

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About the store
I really like Brandedkitty for their selection. I know, if you take a look, the prices might look high but it's because of the quality and selection of their items. It's called Brandedkitty for a reason, these are sweet Asian brands. For example, this dress came from MaoMao. You get their items using a taobao agent but the amount of time waiting and waiting for things to ship and process would make your shopping unpleasant, and with the shipping and handling fees, you'd end up spending the same or a bigger amount of money. So Brandedkitty is great for what they offer, take a look at their items, they're gorgeous, lovely and unique.

 About the dress
It's so comfortable~ I swear. The fabric is very light and flowy and the lining is perfect. Sometimes, dresses have this or that sewing details on the inside and the hemline that make it feel unfinished and itchy. This is not the case. I also really like the simple retro feel to it, because of the skirt's length and the red and white gingham pattern. My mom said it looks like a picnic table (lol) but that's how moms are.Oh, and the belt didn't come with the dress and it's not particularly needed, I just wanted to accessorize it. If you're anything into vintage retro styles, like modcloth, this is a pretty option~

Rose divider by Sophibelle
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