A day to wear black. Outfit post & new hairstyle.

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Yo~ I didn't post anything for a while, sorry about it! I've been trying to be a good waifu, learning to cook new things and cleaning up the room, waifu stuff, you know?~ Hope you've been good, and thank you for following me! I reached 200+ followers via blogger recently and it made me smile, a really big one. Okay, today I'm here for an outfit post. This one is slightly different from my usual sweet style. Korean fashion rather than Japanese as well. I rarely wear an all black, cool style but I did now to style my new haircut. If you follow me elsewhere I'm sure you've heard (and you may be tired of it now...) but I chopped most of my hair off. Basically I had long curly layers of hair, almost reaching my waist (and almost like a mermaid's hair~) now I've gone back to short hair and bangs! Please do tell me what you think of this hairstyle, I got the inspiration from Risa Doll, my favorite Japanese model (she models mostly for Katie brand, you probably have seen her there ^^). Ok, ok, scroll down~
Bow Divider Blue by UndeadZombiie

Cool way of hiding derpy eyes
Yup! my hair is gone
The gorgeous tee is from lovetokki and I have an upcoming haul for it ^^
New shoes too! from taobao
Needless to say, this is my favorite t-shirt from now on.
Outfit Rundown
Bow headband found on eBay
Pervert jersey from Lovetokki; discount code: strawberry
Wrist cuff from Katie on Taobao
Ripped leggings from Banggood
Red patent flats from Taobao
Bow Divider Blue by UndeadZombiie

About the PERVERT jersey
I love it so damn much. It's not a regular T-shirt, it's a jersey and a very comfy one. The print on it is solid and I'd say it'll last as long as you need it to last if you wash it inside out. I love the sizing of it, most of all, because it's not a regular loose jersey, it tightens around your hips to give you a great shape. The length of it is convenient, you can tuck it in a skirt or high waisted shorts but you could also wear it long over skinny jeans or leggings~  

About the leggings
Amazing and extremely comfortable. Look, the first good reason to get them is the price. Can you beat $5.99 with free shipping? They're not the highest quality out there, they are what they are, but you still get more than you pay for. I love the semi-sheer ripped front. It's random bands of fabric criss-crossing over a sheer black tight but soft fabric. The back is plain and that's good because we don't have to worry about showing off maybe too much. You don't need to wear special underwear or safety shorts, the sheerness only starts below the crotch level and the leggings are solid enough to wear any color you wish underneath.
Bow Divider Blue by UndeadZombiie

 Bonus! Here's two selfies of my new haircut. Excuse me if the finger bugs you, don't take it personal, I just like to hide my nose (oops~). What do you think? I went for full bangs, slightly rounded in the corners with longer pieces of hair falling down each side. 
Wings by socksyy
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Nice outfit ^^

    I love your hair! ^o^ The fringe is adorable, and I love the way it contrasts against your wavy hair ~~

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