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Pocket Tokyo

Hi lovelies!~ this is a small review and a list of my favorites from this Japanese fashion little store called Pocket Tokyo. I hope you like my picks and have time to give the shop some love~ They do really have adorable things >.<
AV - Pink Bow Transformation by firstfear
Sunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiser
Favorite socks & stockings
Sunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiser
Favorite sweaters
Sunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiser
Best dresses
Sunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiser
Best random items
Sunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiser

Retail price: $28.00
Available sizes: one size

Strawberry bullet by Ponnui Shipping Strawberry bullet by Ponnui
I have to say, it did take a little while, for the package to arrive. However, back when I received I still lived in America Latina and my country is known for delaying the mail, so I wouldn't blame it on the store. The one thing is that this particular item was a pre-order one, meaning I had to order and wait before it could be shipped, rather than being shipped right away. 

Strawberry bullet by Ponnui Communication Strawberry bullet by Ponnui
The store owner is a sweetheart, she was really patient with me and kept the communication line open. She is honestly kind-hearted and clear with any questions or comments you might have. Also, they always replied to my emails quite promptly, and that is the best quality to have for communication, you know? agility.

Strawberry bullet by Ponnui Quality Strawberry bullet by Ponnui
This wasn't my first package from Pocket Tokyo, so I know their quality can be better than this. I think it was just this particular item I chose that wasn't made with great fabric. I did enjoy a nice seifuku from this store before, it had nice quality. This one shirt, however, didn't feel great or look great on. I do want to say, regardless of the fabric, the blouse matches perfectly the stock image.

Strawberry bullet by Ponnui Overall Strawberry bullet by Ponnui
Lovely service, the store has many, many cute items I would love to keep for myself. But look out for the pre-order tag, or just keep in mind you'll have to wait a bit longer for your package. I like their selection of items. Many things are adorable taobao finds or dresses I haven't found anywhere else. So I want to give 4 stars out of 5 to Pocket Tokyo~ (Bonus for the cute little name!~) Kawaii Face: Smile by apparate

mini pixel for Sh0tabun by popakin
That's all for now~ Check out the store
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