Kawaii Box review. November 2014

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ICON: Squishing Marshmallow by Cupcake-Kitty-chan
Hi guys!~ I have a lovely little review for this website and monthly subscription called Kawaii Box. I think you may have heard it of it before, because it's a pretty sweet deal. Kawaii Box is this adorable monthly subscription where you get 10~13 kawaii items from Japan and/or Korea handpicked by the creators with a value of up to 100 dollars. It's basically like any other surprise box monthly subscription, like ipsy bag, you don't know what you're getting and that's what's exciting about receiving the box in the mail. All the items in the package are Japanese and all come from the original store Blippo. You should check out their website because anything I got here, you can find at Blippo individually, if you're interested. And if you want your Kawaii box, all you have to do is pay the subscription monthly, it's 18.90 dollars and you can cancel this subscription any time you want. So, say for example you want to receive a Kawaii box for December but that's it, you can cancel the subscription and easily just pay the value for one box. Another thing, when you receive your box, you'll find coupons and discount codes inside that you can use next time~ 
ICON: Rocking Glittering Heart by Cupcake-Kitty-chan
So this is what the box looks like ~ and inside it was wrapped in pink paper.
This, you can see, are all the items I found inside my box, all really cute; keychains, stationary & candy!~
Strawberry Ice Cream FREEAVATAR by MellotheMarshmallow
Here's the list
Sheep desk calendar
Panda plushie stickers
Pocky box
My Melody socks
Zipper candy bracelet
Pastel Pusheen plushie keychain
OMG pink keychain
Kawaii macaroon phone charm
Cute sticky notes
Lace tape 
Creamy Strawberry Marshmallow by MissLadyMinx 

I have to say I loved everything in the box. The Pocky were a MUST and they were crunchy and delicious, although I gave 90% of them to my boyfriend's sister because she had never them before. Can you believe that? I had to show her the wonders of Pocky. My favorite item is probably the OMG jelly keychain, it's so cute and unique. As soon as I got it I put it with my keys. The baby sheep calendar has to be my second favorite item, especially when I realized I didn't have to wait until January to start using it, because it includes November 2014 and December 2014 (as well as 2015), that's so sweet and perfect. After those, the pastel macaroon phone charm is my third favorite. I thought it would be more of a squishy plush, but it's pretty sturdy, except for the whipped cream, that's a bit bouncy and cute. It's adorable and I'm wearing it with my OMG keychain, they look cute together.
Bouncy Onigiri by MissLadyMinx
I recommend you to check out Blippo and/or Kawaii Box, because what they offer is honestly adorable. If you're into kawaii little trinkets and accessories, this is it~ 
Click here to subscribe to Kawaii Box
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  1. So cute! :) ♥ really adore the macaroon phone keychain and the pusheen plush keychain.

    ;A; I'm so tempted to suscribe now, hehe~ great review!

    xx Courtney