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Pastel Bow w/ Heart Dangle by socksyy
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Hi beauties! I want to go straight to the point, I'm having homemade hot-dogs with grilled onions for dinner and I can already taste the delicacy (oh god). And you'll like it better that way too, less reading, more action~ (haha). Okay, let me start with this, Sandy's Shop is by far the best store I've seen out there for leg wear. Leg accessories and everything to doll up your pretty feet. Another great thing, their prices are almost unbeatable. Maybe some rare bid will sell these tights for cheaper, but in most cases their prices are really good. Some shops will try to sell the same design stockings for say 15 bucks, but Sandy's Shop does it for 8. See?~ And really, every design you've seen online that made you think to yourself "oh my god that's so cute", they have it. ^^ Use my discount code as well, you enter it at checkout where it says "Apply discount code" just type in "strawberry" then you'll get 10% off your order. The service Sandy offers is amazing and she keeps including this milk Japanese candy in my packages and it's so delicious >.<
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Stockings I'm reviewing:
Divider - White/Black Bows - by CutieChoco

Divider - White/Black Bows - by CutieChoco
Retail price: $8.90

These are SO great. *-* Here's the facts, they're long, so no matter how tall you are they will most likely fit; they're soft, so even if you have sensitive skin (like I do) you'll like the feel of these tights; the design is original and adorable, I mean, come on it has fake pastel suspenders and pink stripes (swoon); the printing is good quality and it doesn't loose its shape when you stretch them out. Honestly I'm quite satisfied and if I had to pick again, I'd pick them. Ahh and if you're wondering, the fake thigh high (the black part) goes up above your leg, you can stretch it out nicely, but the top part (the suspender part) doesn't stretch out quite as much and its definitely meant for a thigh height (hahaha oh now I just feel redundant). What I meant is, if you want the design to show, it will be in the middle of your thighs and up, just so you know~ I don't mind this, I love them.
Pastel Bow w/ Heart Dangle by socksyy 
 Divider - White/Black Bows - by CutieChoco
Retail price: $8.00

I really like fishnets lately, this is why I chose this pair. And I like these, they're highly stretchy, you can pull and pull and they're fine. The material is soft as well. Then the lacing at the top is adorable and has a sticky finish in the inside. This is to help the stockings stick to your legs instead of falling down much. However, I think if you have skinny legs or your thighs just don't stretch out and fill up the lacing enough, they will slip down miserably. For this, I'd recommend you to use a garter belt or a pair of garters, just to help them stay up. The garter will get rid of the slip & slide issue. I was wearing them at the airport when I moved to the US and I regretted so much not wearing garters. Hehe~ I forgot. Anyway, besides that, the quality is really good and they're comfy. ^^

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  1. Oh my goodness those thigh highs are so cute!! xx

    Sounds like Sandy is so sweet and provides wonderful service!
    ^_^ Thanks for the review

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