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Pastel Bow w/ Heart Dangle by socksyy
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Hello beauties! It's been a long time and I mostly have to blame it on my tight schedule and recent trip to Cancun~ If you follow me on twitter or instagram you knew this already. My parents decided to have a big family trip to Cancun for two reasons, my dad's 50th birthday! and my upcoming moving out to the US (very soon)~ The holiday was exhausting and amazing. I'm going to be writing a post on my adventures at the beach, so I hope you drop by soon again to read it. Today's review, as you've seen, is for these gorgeous pair of platforms. Love, love, love them. Keep scrolling to find the ratings and comments.

XOXO Candy Heart Icon by Cupcake-Kitty-chan


FREE Avatar: Cookie Cupcake by iamyourleader
Retail price: $39.99
Size: US 8
Height: 10 cm
Platform height: 3 cm

I love these shoes more than any other pair of shoes I've ever owned. They are the epitome of Harajuku fashion. The definition of creepy, cute fashion in shoes. The living image of kawaii dolly shoes with that edginess we all want. The design is flawless and so is the quality. My favorite detail is the T strap going up the shoe giving it that classic doll shoe look, the sort of shoe that Lolita wears, from Vladimir Nabokov's novel. They are very easy to wear and match with almost anything. It's surprisingly comfortable to walk around with them, the platform is nice and balanced. The sizing was just right for my 8 size feet. I honestly love them from top to bottom with no buts but one.

Here's my but. The buckled side where you tie up the gorgeous shoes is confusing because it comes fully off and you have to put it in and look at the website picture to figure out how it goes properly. But hey, you can see I managed to do it (sort of). Nevermind that, consider it a baby-proof buckled shoe. The material of the shoes is actually pretty good and does not look cheap in any way. I want to give these platforms my humble and honest 5 out of 5 stars. I fully recommend them if this is your style!

Thank you for reading, come back soon

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  1. If I wore it I'll look like a monster with a big foot! haha But everything you wear fits you so well and looks so kawaii. <3

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