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Yo! It's been a while I have to admit. I blame it on NANA, the anime. I've been marathon'ing it because not knowing what would happen with the characters was driving me crazy. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, if you're up for a drama that will twist your heart in every direction. Anyway, I wanted to write another anime post~ those are the most enjoyable ones and it's fun to write them. It needed to be a next list, a top five or maybe a top ten, then I needed to pick a genre and it just had to be this one. School romance. Not exactly one genre, more like two genres fused together, but you get it. First of all I want to say this is not my favorite type of anime. Although very enjoyable and entertaining, school romance is not my favorite genre. "So Marie what's your favorite genre?" Shh~ that's a secret. Someday I'll write a top five of my favorite genre, but today is not the day!~ Now, for this top five I specifically named it "school romance" to make it clear I am not focusing on comedy-romance or school-harem, or ecchi-school, or fantasy-romace, or anything else that isn't specifically school and romance. This means that the only titles that qualified for the top five must not include fantasy or supernatural elements, must not be harem or reverse harem (one boy, several girls or the other way around), the story must develop at school and, last but not least, the story must have romantic relationships development. Because you and I know there's far too many animes out there that are tagged as "romance" yet the main character doesn't confess his or her love until the last episode... And praying for the main couple holding hands is asking for miracles. Nope~ I mean, those romance style series are cute and all, but not what I mean to talk about in this list. I highly recommend the five titles I've carefully picked and encourage you to watch, if you haven't already. Enjoy and keep reading~
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Number Five: Special A

Episodes: 24
Aired: Apr 7, 2008 to Sep 15, 2008
Producers: Gonzo, AIC
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School
Rating: PG-13

I watched this anime when I was seventeen and I couldn't believe I didn't know about it before. It's quite underrated and I can't understand why. The story doesn't provide us with one main couple and one main heroine, but rather, different characters mingling together, experiencing love and the discovery of love in different ways. What I like so much about Special A is how sweet the characters are. There's not much of a plot, just the school life of some high scholars, but the characters bring the anime to life. I'm sure you'll find one character you can relate to, at least. I'm sure you'll cry or feel like crying at some points. Ah! the best thing is that you'll definitely laugh with this anime as well. It does have its fair share of comedy, but it doesn't overwhelm the romance of the story. Special A needs much more attention than it gets! It's beautiful and very entertaining. Actually, it would be higher in my list if it wasn't for my personal preference for characters in the other places. If you want an emotional high school anime experience watch this, trust me~ 
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Number Four: Itazura na Kiss

Episodes: 25
Aired: Apr 5, 2008 to Sep 25, 2008
Producers: Bandai Visual, TMS Entertainment
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
Rating: PG-13

Alright, this one I've watched twice, once when I was sixteen and again when I was seventeen. All because I just couldn't find another love story as good as this one. This anime doesn't focus on one year of school, or even two. It starts at school but follows the characters as they gradually and realistically grow from high school through college to adult life. The love story here is absolutely beautiful. Very comical too. Itazura na Kiss manages to perfectly mix romance with life and comedy. You can learn a lot from it. And from the characters! you'll see how they slowly grow and change for the best. The main character, the heroine is a dreamy innocent girl facing all sorts of awkwardness in her life. The boy, the main hero is a genius, the best of his school. Oh, he's got money too~ These two sweethearts are bound by odd events and coincidences. The story is heart-warming. Even though the animation is old style and not really gorgeous and shiny, it's definitely worth it. Itazura na Kiss is another underrated anime, it deserves so much more love! Give it some~ 
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Number Three: Toradora!

Episodes: 25
Aired: Oct 2, 2008 to Mar 26, 2009
Producers: J.C.Staff, Genco
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Slice of Life
Rating: PG-13

Come on, it had to be on the list. We knew it since the beginning. Toradora is probably one of the best known school romance anime out there, and for good reason! I would never say this series was overrated. Not at all. Toradora is a funny yet emotional ride into the school life of two weirdos, basically. We have the girl, short and scary. Then we have the boy, tall and scary. Wait and see how they find happiness together. But we all know this already~ I'm sure we've all watched it, and if you haven't, what have you been watching all these time? Go watch Toradora~ There's going to be tears and punches, some kisses and some naked boys... it had to be inside the top three. Toradora! is one of my favorite school anime ever. Ever.
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Number Two: True Tears 

Episodes: 13
Aired: Jan 6, 2008 to Mar 30, 2008
Producers: Bandai VisualL, Lantis, P.A. Works
Genres: Drama, Romance, School
Rating: PG-13

This one is a big bittersweet ride. Controversial. Frustrating. But it deserves to be in everyone's school romance top three. True Tears is one of the best love stories developing at school there are. But never mind that, the art and animation for this anime is flawless. Bright, crisp, beautiful work from P.A. Works. But even that's not the greatest thing about True Tears. Then what? The heroine. She's not the main character, since the story is narrated from the boy's point of view, but she's the true heroine. Her name is Isurugi Noe. If you've watched this anime, you know what I'm talking about. Noe is the purest female character ever seen in anime. And she's adorable. Too bad this series is so underrated, huh? I highly, highly suggest you watch True Tears because it will, in fact, bring true tears to your eyes (pun intended and all). Careful, though, the outcome of the story will frustrate and ever piss off at least 70% of the viewers. But hey, it's the boy's choice, not ours... Either way, beautiful, flawless romance for school stories.
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Number One: Bokura ga Ita 

Episodes: 26
Aired: Jul 4, 2006 to Dec 26, 2006
Producers: Artland, Marvelous Entertainment
Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Rating: PG-13

Was this expected? In my personal opinion, Bokura ga Ita is, by far, the best school romance anime out there. Bokura ga Ita is the epitome of school romance. It doesn't just fit the category perfectly, it narrates this realistic, passionate, complex, saddening, not always perfect, sweet love story. Girl meets boy, boy meets girl. But there's so much more to it than that. Although there doesn't seem to be much to the plot, the love story really has its sequence of life-changing events. With Bokura ga Ita you'll learn from the hero and the heroine's mistakes, you'll feel what they feel and you'll even feel what the antagonist feels. If you have a lover, ask him or her to watch it with you, the way I asked my boyfriend to watch with me (I had to~). I cried, we felt related and identified in different episodes and ways. It's just a very warm, real love story. Bokura ga Ita's love feels so real it's like these two characters actually existed and are living right now, somewhere; together. Hands down, best romance story for anime, for now. Bokura ga Ita better watch it because Ao Haru Ride might eventually take their place in my number one (who know~).

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Thank you for reading~ so what are your favorite ones?
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  1. Great recommendations! Although I found Bokura Ga Ita a bit too slow-paced for my tastes, I think we have similar preferences in romance anime. ^^ I'm really looking forward to the new episode of Ao Haru Ride - it's as awesome as the manga so far!

    On another note, NANA was such a heart crusher! I think I stopped watching it after episode 31... (*guilty cries*)

    But anyways, awesome list - I'll be sure to check out True Tears!

  2. These sound awesome! I've read quite a few romance manga but I've been looking to start some anime, I'll make sure to check these out.

  3. Oh man I love Nana! So gonna watch all of these! You should make more anime posts!

  4. Special A was and will always be my favorite anime! :)

  5. watch Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Whats the title of the anime on your cover pic for " Top 5 School Romance Anime" ?><

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  8. Love, love this series! They were all so damn good!