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8:03 PM

Yo! Hello sweethearts, I think you'll like this entry, there's many pictures and few words~ hehe. Okay I'll go to the point to get to the good stuff~ It can be a little awkward to put together pretty and clean coordinates without reference or ideas, so I've put these outfits together for you. This post is for my sweet summer styling ideas, all created solely based on Japanese fashion and brands. So here's some simple yet adorable ideas for coordinates that you can put together. I've picked my favorites after browsing the full site, then I divided them in three categories, "Baby blue", "Stripes and textures" and "Contrast and collars". The outfits can easily be mimicked with basic pieces and cheap finds at online stores such as ebay and taobao. Some coords do have special items that can't be so easily found, but remember all of them were built from Japanese fashion online stores (by Tokyo Kawaii Life).  The statement pieces are from well-known sweet Japanese brands, Liz Lisa and Tralala. You can use the coordinates purely as inspiration. Also, please feel free to save the images to your desktop for any future reference or inspiration. That's why I put them together~ Hope you like my picks as much as I did! 

Credits to Tokyo Kawaii Life

I'll see you soon~
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  1. Está claro que te encanta el color azul cielo, verdad? ^_^ Todos esos vestidos son tan de tu estilo...