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Hello Sailor babies! I'm back with a new review, for Sheinside again. As you can tell the theme for this post is completely devoted to sailor coordinates. There's two coordinates below and a wish list at the bottom with my favorite sailor themed items from the same store, so take a look~ I covered my face in all the pictures today because honestly, I had an awful hair day and the best cure was to hide it altogether (hehe). I hope you don't find my poses quite as awkward and embarrassing as I found them, but whatever I had fun wearing these clothes. Hope you like today's post and leave a comment to show some love. Thank you~
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Items I'm reviewing
Anchor Pixel by MisakiHanako


Anchor Pixel by MisakiHanako
Outfit Rundown no. 1
Blue striped high-waisted shorts from Spree Picky (discount code: gasaii)
Thigh highs from Sweetbox Store

Anchor Pixel by MisakiHanako
Outfit Rundown no. 2
Thigh highs from Spree Picky (discount code: gasaii)

Retail price: $12.00
Available sizes: one-size
Rating: 9 out of 10

This shirt looked so weird at first, a little awkward. I wasn't originally planning on getting it but I have a (very) soft spot for bow ties, and if it's attached, even better. And if it's fluffy and big, way better~ So with this weakness I went for it and I'm glad I did. The blouse is really cute, light and so easy to wear. You can pair it up with almost anything, denim shorts, denim overall, blue skirt, circle skirt, jeans, etc. It all depends on the type of coordinate you want to make. For me, I was satisfied with my sailor theme (it never gets old). I'm wearing it with my striped (same stripes the blouse has!) blue shorts, these are high waisted and I could have tucked the top inside to make a different look. Both look cute but I went for this one. The shirt is made of this textured chiffon material. Since it's not completely a solid color, the shirt gives you a nice subtle sheerness. It is really comfortable to wear and the sailor collar is easy to tie and get it looking cute immediately. Quality is pretty nice, so no worries~ I'm happy with this purchase.

Retail price: $17.67
Available sizes: one-size
Rating: 9 out of 10

This is a really cute dress that has been popping up in different online stores, so I just had to get it before it sold out. The dress has this lovely, oversized shape with neat short sleeves and clean oval neckline. It would be completely plain blue if it wasn't for the white print that simulates the collar of a classic sailor top. What I instantly loved about the dress is the minimalistic design that makes it unique and adorable. By now I'm sure most of you know about the thing I have for sailor clothing. Whether it's a classic sailor dress, a sailor Japanese uniform, or something white, blue and red, I'll want it. And this piece, I hadn't seen one like it before. Okay so let's talk more about the practical aspects. The fabric is thin and a little rough. When you first take it out of the package it's going to look horrible thanks to all the wrinkles, but you can easily iron it out~ The length ended being too short, more like an oversized shirt that a dress, but this only ended making this piece cuter. You can pair it with leggings, short shorts, leggings shorts, tights, mini skirts, etc. The quality isn't godlike but it's still a pretty well-done dress. I recommend it fully~

Sailor Belle by Marmaladecookie

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  1. I love sailor style clothing and this is just super cute *O*
    I was wondering which camera do you use to take your pictures and which programs do you use to edit them? Thank you ^^