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Yo~ Hi pretty berries! How have you been? Hopefully having some nice time meeting up with classmates, or maybe you're like me and you never got too well along with classmates... and it was just awkward... But it's okay, being weird is extra sugoi~ So I'm here, I'm back so soon again with a new outfit review. I had to name this post "Pretty in Pink", I mean I know it's cliche and all, but the main color for these review is pink and pink is so cute! Ugh I got a little pissed at myself this morning because I remembered I had wanted to post this pink review on Wednesday and the Oasap (my previous review) today. That way I could have named it "On Wednesdays we wear Pink". I guess it will just have to wait until next Wednesday, I have an adorable pink lace coordinate ready! In the meantime, Marie here will try to keep an updated to-do list so these mistakes don't keep repeating themselves~ Alright, I hope you like my pictures (and say hi to Eriol my cat that decided to show up!), don't forget to visit Sheinside, this store is big and gorgeous (plus free shipping, I mean, come on!~)

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Items I'm reviewing

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Outfit Rundown

Glasses from Costco (hahaha, it's actually true) 
Accessories from Spree Picky (discount code: "gasaii" for 10% off)
Oversized sweater from Sheinside
White pleated skirt from Sheinside
White thigh highs from Spree Picky (discount code: "gasaii" for 10% off)
Gray cat from Marie's house
Strawberry Pocky Avatar by Kezzi-Rose

Retail price: $18.02
Available sizes: One size
Rating: 5 out of 5 strawberries

These pajamas were complete love at first sight. I had been wanting some breeze cute pajamas and I found the perfect ones. These are the type of pj's that make you feel cute and pretty even if you've been in bed all day and you haven't showered. I do have to mention, they came very wrinkled, but they were so easy to iron. The satin, silky material is smooth and beautiful. Then the color! the shade of pink the store chose for this was on point. Sweet, bubblegum pink. The pajamas are very comfy and pretty. The shorts are stretchy and the top has adjustable straps. Then it has these cute tiny bows that make everything more adorable. The price is definitely worth it, if you want to pamper yourself a little or feel like a princess when you go to bed or whatever, you just love the feeling of this silky fabric on your skin, I recommend this to you~

Cotton Candy by foleise
Retail price: $23.67
Available sizes: one size
Rating: 5 out of 5 strawberries!

It's going to sound cheesy again, but this was yet another love at first sight. Even if it sounds impossible, I didn't have any cute pastel sweater before this, and even worse, I didn't have a cute oversized sweater. (boo~) So I saw this pretty thing in the new arrivals from Sheinside and I immediately thought "YES". Okay, first thing, the fabric is amazing. Soft and very light, you can wear this anytime you want. The neckline is incredibly comfy, a little loose and wide so it never gets in your way and leaves you space to wear necklaces. The color is beautiful pale pink. The sleeves are a little oversized as well, so you can do the cute thing with big sweaters where the sleeves cover most of your hand (and it looks so cute!). The quality is surprisingly good too. The knitting is gorgeous and soft. Hm what else? oh the design! aaaah I thought it was so lovely and simple. You know, a great thing about the sweater is that it's quite versatile. You can throw it on top of any outfit when it gets chilly. You can bring it to school if the classroom is cold. You can wear it to the beach over your bikini, and any time during fall. You can layer it over a turtleneck for winter. You can tuck it in high waisted shorts or wear it with cute little skirts. It's just a great knit sweater to have with you. Trust me~ I'm really happy with it.

Strawberry Pocky Avatar by Kezzi-Rose
Retail price: $22.67
Available sizes: XS, S, M, L
Available colors: white, black, navy blue, pastel purple
Rating: 5 out of 5!

Maybe you've seen this pleated skirt around, maybe not. But it's been getting popular on the internet, tumblr specially. And I can see why. The skirt is a basic yet must have wardrobe piece. It's going to look adorable with crop tops or with oversize tops or square tops or pretty much anything. It really is beautiful. The material is this thick, well-shaped fabric that doesn't wrinkle, almost at all. It has a zipper and a button at the top, same color as the skirt, so they both are not noticeable. The slim pleated effect is very flattering and you can make any school girl coordinate, sailor coordinate, Korean fashion coordinate, minimalistic fashion coordinate, etc. with it. Really, the skirt works in so many ways and I love it. I'm thinking about getting it in pastel purple (lavender) because it's really good. The quality is flawless, I promise. Then there's so many sizes to choose from, so you can play around with how high waisted or low waisted you want it or not. I really recommend it because I was completely satisfied with the skirt~

Cotton Candy by foleise
That's all for today~ thanks for dropping by

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  1. what size did you get your skirt in? I'm planning on ordering a skirt but I dont want it to be too small!!

    pastel trash

  2. wooow woderful colors~ Really sweet outfit **

    My blog ♥ New Review

  3. One more question, how tall are you if you don't mind me asking?

    pastel trash