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Hello beauties! I'm here for two coordinates post and a quick review on the main piece for each. I hope you like them, they're personally one of my favorites. All links and information are down below, just keep scrolling~ I'm really starving, this is why it seems like I'm in such a rush. But don't worry, I was done with everything earlier today, then I got distracted (because, internet~) and now I'm here~ Hope you're having a nice time at the end of this summer and thanks for visiting my blog!

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Harhar by Miilydork

Harhar by Miilydork
Outfit Rundown
Margarita by Bleiy
Floral headband from local store
Daisy flower top from Sheinside
Heart print denim shorts from Sheinside
Lolita tights from Sandy's Shop (use "strawberry" for discount code)
Lolita knee highs from Lovetokki (use "strawberry" for discount code)
Winged backpack from Yumart (use "gasaii" for discount code)

This shirt is perfect, lovely and comfy. It's a very simple design, nothing but a plain white shirt with two crochet daisies in the middle, but it works. It's cute and easy to wear, for really any day. The fabric is a very soft, thick cotton material. This makes it very comfortable. It's nothing extraordinary, but simplicity can be everything. You can see how sweet my coordinate looks when all the pieces are pretty much basic, but being cute and basic is a great style to have. 5 out 5 stars for the top~


Harhar by Miilydork
Outfit Rundown
Margarita by Bleiy
Hairstyling from I-just-woke-up
Lace & crochet dress from Sheinside
Bow stockings from Romwe

This dress is just gorgeous; adorably gorgeous. The quality took me by surprise, the dress is made of two layers, the soft light lining and the sheer pure crochet one. The crochet is very well made and the fabric is thick so it gives the dress volume and tulip shape. The detailing at the neck is my favorite part. It's made of this sewn black roses that are neatly placed across the neckline. This roses would itch but the lining on the inside part is flawless.The greatest thing about this dress is the perfect fit I found in it. For my size and for a few others, all there is is to have a good fit around the waist and everything else falls into place. I really recommend this piece, it's beautiful.

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