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Yo! Yup me again, I'll be moving and updating my reviews from tumblr to here because here everything looks way nicer and cuter and a little professional (I hope). What I mean by updating is almost rewrite the whole thing, specially the ratings and critiques in case something happened with the product in the weeks or months I've had it for or somehow I discover brand new information on the items, like a secret pocket I didn't know about (but that would be rare I think). Enjoy this review, I really like the products. 

First of we have this skirt... May I ask what exactly you call them? I've found so many different names for it but I'm not sure which one you would like better. There's suspender skirt, jumper, dress, high waisted skirt, jumper dress, etc. Scroll through the pictures to find the information. 


Retails for $ 26.12, plus $1.13 for shipping expenses 
Size available: Small and Medium (mine is in S)

image What I like 
Let's start with the service (meaning shipping, ordering, communication) which was good. Hmm... yeah that pretty much covers it, it was good. The store is really quick to answer enquiries and they took a week to ship. Once it shipped I received it in 1 week (and I live in America Latina, this thing came all the way from Hong Kong that's a wow!). The delivery company was DHL (Madoka bless them).  Moving on, of course I love the design. Cute little skirt that makes me feel and hopefully look (you tell me) like a chocolate fairy. It's adorable but not too crazy kawaii thanks to the color. I like the earthy tones. Oh my I this outfit is perfect for mori girl (also known as forest girl or nature kei). I love love love it. Another nice thing, it's comfy! It doesn't look too comfy but it sure is. 

image What I don't like
Okay the itsy bitsy little flaw there is with this sweet forest fairy skirt is the length, at least on me. It is short, what can I say. Because it's high waisted it ends up showing a big part of your legs. I don't really mind because I always wear my safe legging shorts underneath my dresses but maybe some of you find it a bit 'ugh'. Oh and I wish the waist band was a little tighter to create a better waist shape. (but really that's just me being icky) 

The mori girl skirt gets 4 well deserved stars~
Now here is the second item I reviewed from Banggood, just scroll too sweetheart we're almost done! (I promise) 

Retail price: $4.99 (currently on sale)

image What I like
We already talked about the service and the other technicalities so let's jump right to the point. The top is pretty simple but pretty good. The soft pale pink was calling my name and I just had to answer and save this little guy from the wholesale store where he was probably so lonely and cold. The lace! Oh my goodness I adore lace and frills and just look at this cutie it's literally all frills. Okay except from the back but that's for the best. It's so comfy too! I thought maybe it would itch or something but nope, it's really nice and soft on your skin.  Aaand it looks really cute and good when you pair it with a contrasting cardigan. Navy blue was my choice. 

image What I don't like
... Maybe the bling bling little things at the top because I don't like shimmer too much but they don't even really bug me. I'm happy with this thing and honestly, let's look at the price again. Wheeee can't complain just love. 

See you soon because I have lots of posts to catch up to!~ Thanks for reading, leave comments and spread the love!

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  1. This is such a cute and adorable outfit. You look cute as a button honey. Love it. Nice blog here. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

    1. Thx bunches honey. Just followed back #29 Please keep in touch. xoxo