Lovetokki polka dot swimsuit review

7:56 PM

For my first post I'm here half naked (literally) and exposed to review my new polka dot bikini from Lovetokki. First let me tell you I was quite shy about the pictures because I'm not too fond of my tiny butt but all butts are cute so~ Right, so this is my fourth review for Lovetokki. I do like this store, it's small and simple but nice. I got my first suspender skirt from this store and I still love it so much and we've been through so many OOTD's together (solemn pause). I'm going to leave here the links to my other Lovetokki reviews so you see it for yourself! the store is good stuff.


Like I said, I got the polka dot swimsuit, at the store it's called the Polka Knot Two Piece. Retail price is $20.00 and you can find it in three sizes (S, M, L). More information on the sizing and measurements can be found at the store. Click here to find the swimsuit. 

If you're interested in shopping @lovetokki you're going to thank me because I happen to have a discount code enter "strawberry" at checkout to get the discount. 

These are the pictures I took (excuse me if my posing is awkward, it's in my blood what can I do). 

image What I like
Everything about the bikini is really nice. The fabric is the good quality swimsuit type of fabric and the design is so cute. The little rings on the bottom piece add to the whole sexy vibe (but I'm not too good at that) and I love them. It's always nice being able to tie your bikini up everywhere so things fit nicely and nothing falls off (eeeeh no one wants that, it happened to me once). The top part is my favorite I have to say. My boobs are small so I got this in size S and the cup has this good rounded shape. This shape plus the halter straps are always flattering. Aahh needless to say I adore the simple polka dot design, I don't know I always had a thing for polka dots. Okay, more about the shipping and whole purchasing process... things always go good with these people, in my experience. The package reaches me safe and sound and pretty just in time (around 2 to 3 weeks, international). Also, communication with Lovetokki staff is a piece of strawberry cake. 

image What I don't like 
I would say the only but I have is for the butt. But the butt (oops)~ Both of the bikini pieces are nice but the back for the bottom one is a bit small, so don't get the S unless you need the A-cup size for the top. It's not really that bad at all but I prefer keeping my bottom hidden. But that's me. 

So now I rate this bikini and I give it 5 stars

Hopefully you enjoyed my review, I'll be back soon so come back~ Oohh and please leave comments or questions or anything you may need. I'm here to present you with the answers you're looking for ma'am. 

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